Ideas for social distancing

April 14, 2020

“COVID-19” this. “Corona” that. “Rona” is everywhere, and she’s forcing all of us to stay inside.

     For some of us, this has been a welcomed excuse to stay in our pajamas all day and binge “Avatar: The Last Airbender” for days on end with a Ben and Jerry’s pint in hand without being questioned. It seems as though Rona favors the lazy and the socially anxious.

     Quarantine does have its perks. But even if you’re an introvert, like me, with a fascination for cartoons, staying inside with your very big-personality roommates can get a bit stifling.

     So, here are some ideas to get you out of your house so you don’t kill anyone:

Go on a drive!

Yes! This is an approved activity! And with the mountains right at our doorsteps, you can spend hours with a nice cup of tea, taking in the gorgeous views. Some great roads include: Rampart Range Road, Old Stage Road, Mount Hermon Road and Highway 24. Go up to Rampart Range Reservoir and Cripple Creek. If you don’t want to leave town, drive through the Garden of the Gods loop or through Palmer Park.


Hiking is also on the approved list, but with everyone doing it, you’ll want to find a trail or area that’s not super busy. I don’t understand how Red Rocks Open Space and Garden of the Gods are still open. So many people are there, it’s really hard to keep that six-feet perimeter. Some more “off the beaten path” hikes include Section 16, Red Mountain and the Palmer Lake Reservoir trail.

     3. Hammock! Turn that hike into a leisurely hammocking session. Grab a book and head into the mountains or local park. A great spot to hammock is Colorado College. With the semester closed for coronavirus, there’s hardly anyone there, lots of space and plenty of trees to string up your hammock.


Grab your mat and go do it out in the sun. No one is stopping you! With the nice weather, this has been a favorite for me and my roommates No one is going to approach you while doing yoga. It’s got a clear “don’t-screw-with-my-vibe” vibe.


Take those roommates/family of yours and go find a place to have a picnic with this nice weather. Some of my favorite spots include: Monument Valley Park (it’s right by the creek in town), by the creek just west of Manitou and, if you’re up for a drive, Happy Meadows Campgrounds. It’s about an hour drive, but it’s right next to the Platte River with lots of meadows.

Give blood!

My friend was so desperate to see her friends, they all arranged going to give blood together. First, with coronavirus blood donation centers need blood more than ever, but people think the centers are closed down with quarantine. They’re not! Help out by giving blood. Second, they place you six feet away from everyone giving blood. So, while giving blood, you can chat with your friends and honor the social distancing rule.

     Yes, social distancing is important. Yes, you can save lives by sitting on your ass for hours. But it doesn’t mean you need to be trapped inside. There are plenty of options where you can still social distance, especially since the weather has been amazing. Take advantage, stay safe and get out there.