Important Resources on campus

May 8, 2018

Rachel Librach

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UCCS is not only an institution that offers opportunities for academic development, it also
can serve as a great resource to students interested in exploring social activities on campus, connecting with local businesses or internships and developing their skills as leaders.

Main Hall and Cragmor Hall, house several departments that are geared toward advancing students’ professional and academic goals.

The Academic Advising office assigns students to their respective advisor during orientation based on the student’s major and their last name. The advisor can help students plan their degree audits and structure their class schedules based on the
student’s academic goals.

According to Bill Bannister, the lead academic advisor, this department can also help
students fill out forms for employers or the military, make sure any transfer credits are
accurately applied and address students’ concerns about changing majors or selecting a

Bannister believes that these services are important for students to take advantage of because advisors want to see their students succeed and complete their degrees in the
most efficient way possible.

“Sometimes students take classes that don’t directly apply to their degree. We can help
students structure their classes to get them through their degree more efficiently, assist with troubleshooting problems, help students with time management and offer resources to help improve their study skills,” said Bannister.

The Career Center in Cragmor Hall, helps students identify potential job or internship opportunities within the community. This department can also coach students on how to properly structure a resume, and conduct mock interviews.

These mock interviews can be extremely helpful, especially when preparing for an upcoming Career Fair or job interview.

The financial aid office in Cragmor is a great resource for students interested in learning
more about what types of financial aid they are eligible for and what is currently available to them, how forms and loans are processed and how they can go about applying for loans and scholarships.

Shannon Cable, director of Student Employment, explained that her department can assist students with finding jobs on and off campus through the school’s job posting site: SEAN.

She said that the department’s staff can also help students understand what a work study program is and how they can apply it to their campus jobs. Cable believes that not only do students benefit financially from working on campus, but she has also seen many students excel in their positions.

“Working is one way a student can support themselves and limit the amount of debt they collect through the college process,” Cable said.

“Students who work in a job on campus have had stronger and longer lasting connections to the campus and have shown to have had more success in their academics as well as social involvement with other students around campus,” said Cable.

Amber Bivins, student director of Dining and Hospitality Services, expressed that her
favorite part about working on campus is that she can help her peers develop leadership skills and earn promotions within their departments.

“In Dining and Hospitality, I see students come in brand new to campus and are wondering how a job works here. I get to see them grow into student managers and develop their skills and confidence in their position,” said Bivins.

“It’s encouraging and enriching to me as a person, and it makes me happy when others are succeeding. It teaches you a lot of character as well as the meaning of hard work,” said

To find out more about Main Hall and Cragmore services such as Academic Advising, Student Employment, Career Center and Financial Aid and how to schedule appointments, visit them on the UCCS website.

To search and apply for job listings both on and off campus, visit SEAN through the UCCS website.

The Academic Advising office
Main Hall, 209
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Career Center
Cragmor, 101
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Financial Aid
Cragmor Hall, 201
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