Lacrosse steps into the club sports scene on campus

     Each semester, club sports undergo a registration and re-registration process. Among the groups of students registering this spring is the newly formed club lacrosse team.  

     Club lacrosse leadership consists of president Chris Perella, a sophomore majoring in sports management; vice president Austin Hartzler, a sophomore mechanical engineering major and club treasurer Ryan Desimone, another sophomore majoring in sports management. The lacrosse team has 18 members, with more potential recruits reaching out to the club every day.      

     “It’s a team game. … The main objective of the game is just like any other ball game like soccer or something like that, where you’re trying to get the ball into the net. It’s kind of like hockey, but on the field,” Perella said. 

     Hartzler also noted that team communication is essential in lacrosse, bringing to light another similarity between lacrosse and other sports.  

     Hartzler added, “I think it’s one of the better team games. You can’t really have one good player; we all have to be pretty good if you want to win. And you can’t really just have someone carry the team; you have to work together.” 

     Originally forming near the end of last semester, club lacrosse has faced a few unexpected delays, but Perella and the rest of club leadership choose to have a positive outlook regarding the outreach of the club, stating, “So far, so good.” 

     According to Perella and Hartzler, the next few months are likely going to be devoted to team building and networking on campus and beyond. First on the agenda is attending Club Fair where the team is hoping to meet even more potential members. Hartzler noted that the officers will meet right after Club Fair to discuss the level of interest new recruits show at the event.  

UCCS Club Lacrosse President Chris Perella (Right) and Vice President Austin Hartzler (Left). Photo by Taylor Villalpando. 

     Club lacrosse will be holding practice primarily at Alpine Field once the necessary equipment arrives. They plan to hold practices at least twice every week, with an occasional Saturday practice once or twice a month.  

     Meanwhile, club leadership plans to get in contact with other club lacrosse teams throughout Colorado in hopes of scheduling some practice competitions or scrimmages before pursuing actual tournaments.  

     The team hopes to potentially enter the summer tournament in Vail to promote team building and fun before next fall, when the team will busy themselves with some “fall ball” and “box lacrosse,” all while looking forward to the upcoming tournament season.  

     Perella and Hartzler made it clear that anyone is welcome to join club lacrosse, with Hartzler adding, “The more, the merrier.”  

     Desimone stressed the opportunity that Club Lacrosse provides to students. “Club lacrosse allows kids that haven’t found a community in the school [to do so].” 

     Perella, Hartzler and Desimone encourage other students to come see if club lacrosse is something they’d be interested in.  

     Perella said, “If you know someone that wants to play lacrosse, don’t be afraid to ask.”  

     “Even if they don’t play, tell your friends,” Hartzler said. 

      Club dues are currently $40 per person this semester. These dues cover the expenses for potential travel this summer (such as the Vail tournament) and some additional team-bonding activities the team is planning this semester, including fun activities that may be unrelated to lacrosse such as team lunch, bowling or even a pool party.   

     Students interested in joining can contact Perella, Hartzler or Desimone via their UCCS emails or through text. Club lacrosse also has an Instagram page @uccs_clublacrosse where students may direct message the team regarding their interest.