Lindy Lions hope to revive swing dance with weekend event

March 21, 2017

Halle Thornton

[email protected]

     You might remember reading “The Great Gatsby” in high school, but you probably weren’t able to experience the raging ‘20s.

     The Lindy Lions Swing Dance Club will host the Great Gatsby Gala, a free swing dance weekend, workshop and intercollegiate dance battle March 24-26.

     The event will be held in the Upper Lodge March 24-25, starting at 9 a.m., including live music from jazz band La Pompe and musician Jeremy Mohney, and then in Berger Hall March 26 starting at 11 a.m.

     The intercollegiate swing dance battle will take place from 7-9 p.m. on March 26.

     This is the club’s fourth free workshop weekend. The goal of the event is to preserve swing dance as it is the only dance that originated in the US, according to senior sociology major Stephanie Rae Guffey, president of the Lindy Lions.

     “The event really creates a nexus of networking, fun and community,” said Guffey, who has helped coordinate the event for the last three years.

     Students will learn contemporary, hip hop and three types of swing dancing as part of the event. The UCCS Bollywood Team will also teach an intro class.

     Dancers from all over the US will also attend. Five professional dance instructors will teach various dance workshops as well, according to Guffey.

     The club has not competed since 2015, where they did not place, according to senior math major Jonathan Savage, vice president of Lindy Lions. This year, 12 students will compete in the dance battle.

     “(The team) is as prepared as we can be, and we will have fun no matter what,” said Savage.

     In addition to the intercollegiate competition, there will be smaller competitions where dancers can win prizes, such as tickets to state dance events and prizes donated by the bookstore, said Guffey.

     Organizing the event this year has been somewhat of a challenge, according to Guffey.

     “Two years ago, before Mountain Lion Connect was a thing, it was much easier to get things done. Everything was streamlined and more condensed. Now there are 100 little things to do,” said Guffey.

     Currently, the Lindy Lions has 20-35 active members in the club, depending on what the club is doing. This year, multiple freshmen have shown interest in the club, and Guffey is excited for what is to come.

     The Lindy Lions practice Mondays at 7:00 in Berger Hall or the Upper Lodge.

     For more information about the club, contact Stephanie Rae Guffey at [email protected]