Mars in Gemini: the energy boost we need for Spring 2021

Cosmic Cannibal 

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Right now, the pace of life is at a steady plod, thanks to Mars in Taurus, but a head-spinning change-of-pace is heading our way: On Wednesday, March 3, action planet Mars enters versatile air sign Gemini, promising a tailspin of activity through April 23.  

     OK, who here has ever been so sleep deprived yet busy, that you had to guzzle a massive cup of coffee so you could get the physical and mental energy you needed to tackle your numerous to-dos? That’s pretty much the vibe of Mars in Gemini: We’re physical and mentally charged — buzzing, if you will — and ready to get and stay busy. 

     The keyword for Mars is activation. Mars is the planet of war, desire and aggression; it rules over energy, passion, movement and self-assertion. Mars transits describe how we collectively express our energy, passions and how we assert ourselves. 

     Now, some Gemini keywords: communication, curiosity, versatility, imagination and change. When you combine the above Gemini traits with the aforementioned activating powers of Mars, our curiosity and need for change and chit-chats are activated.  

     During Mars in Gemini, we gallop toward new experiences, are eager to talk about what we learn, and want to be and stay on the go. We also love brainstorming and making new connections. Our heads spin with new ideas, new pursuits and new goals (because Mars is also the planet of aims and goals). Basically, from now through April 23, we’ll be flitting about and flirting with new concepts, plans and people, without having to commit ourselves to any one person or thing.  

     Sounds good, right? It is! Until you ponder the coffee metaphor from before.  

     What happens when you guzzle a huge cup of coffee and get that surge of caffeine? You are vivified and ready to make flashcards for your chemistry quiz, redecorate your room, schedule a Zoom meeting with your coworkers, write that discussion board post that was due three weeks ago, text your sister/brother/aunt… Then the caffeine wears off, and suddenly you’re surrounded by a multitude of unfinished projects and unwanted engagements. And since you got yourself mentally worked up with all that writing and talking, you just crash.  

     So, yeah. 2021 Mars in Gemini definitely has its pros and cons.  

     As much as Mars in Gemini will feel like a breath of fresh air, it will also feel like a juggling trick gone bad. We have all these goals and projects and ideas in the air that require our attention, and if we look away from them even for a second, they will topple over us. And while our energy levels will be higher than they were during Mars in Taurus, overstimulation, nervousness and agitation are unavoidable. But hey, at least we won’t be bored!