Mi Gente My People fundraising to benefit Casa de Paz

23 October 2018

Cambrea Hall

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    Mi Gente My People will be selling bracelets outside of Berger Hall to benefit Casa de Paz. The fundraising event will take place on Oct. 24 and Nov. 15.

    Mi Gente My People was established for the expressed purpose of promoting unity in the UCCS Latinx community. The club celebrates and promotes the Latinx culture by being a political voice for the Latinx student population through student involvement within social, academic and political activities.

    The upcoming fundraiser will benefit Casa de Paz, a non-profit in Aurora that serves families torn apart by immigrant detention; families who have a family member at the Aurora Detention Center are the primary focus of the charity. Casa de Paz offers housing, meals, transportation, and community to these families during an incredibly traumatic and challenging time.

    Casa de Paz’s mission is to ease the isolating experience of immigrant detention, one simple act of love at a time by holding to their vision: contribute to the peace and stability of immigrants in the United State under the values of love, respect, and justice.

    Mi Gente My People President Isabel Alvarado joined the club for the safe space that it provides, which uplifts her community and culture.

    “Mi Gente introduced me to cultural pride and advocacy work, as well connected me with various community members and organizations,” said Alvarado.

    Mi Gente My People choose them as their fundraiser for the fall semester because they align with and support the mission, vision, and values of Casa de Paz.

    Alvarado said that Mi Gente My People is fundraising for Casa de Paz because of how important issues of immigration are in their community.

    “We believe it is our job to advocate for and support the local immigrant community, a community that is often marginalized and politicized to the point of not receiving humane treatment,” said Alvarado.

    Mi Gente My People hopes to continue fundraising in the future. An idea for future fundraisers is to sell chocolate covered strawberries in February.

    “Immigration detention is a sensitive topic to many of us in the community and Mi Gente My People is trying to make a difference,” said Vice President Estephanie Barrera.

    Bracelets will be sold for $5, with all proceeds being donated to Casa de Paz. The bracelets were all made in Guatemala and Mexico and were bought directly from the makers.

    “We have two set dates, one being Oct. 24 because its towards the end of the month and it’ll give Casa de Paz money for hospitality in November. The other date we have is Nov. 15 because the donations will provide a good Thanksgiving meal for those staying at Casa de Paz,” said Barrera.

    The bracelets will be tabled outside of Berger Hall on Oct. 24 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Nov. 15 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. At their table, they will have information about Casa de Paz, about the club and about the difficulties facing the immigrant community in the country and state.