Money spent on class rings better for saving

Nov. 23-Dec. 6, 2015

Abbie Stillman
[email protected]

After years of studying, writing papers, pulling all-nighters, eating like a teenager and stressing out, you have finally made it to graduation.

After looking through countless emails telling you how to prepare for graduation, you may run into a few about a ring.

Jostens stops by every semester hoping seniors will personalize and purchase a class ring.

More students would purchase a class ring if they didn’t cost so much.

A class ring for women ranges from $490 to $590, according to Jostens. The men’s rings range from $490 to $750. Sure, you can customize the jewelry into your own unique creation but do any of the seniors consider these worth purchasing?

You can also purchase customized dog tags, diploma frames and graduation announcements. The tags range from $300 to $340.

This may sound ideal to have to show off your accomplishments, but the cost is too high.

Christopher Huang, senior business finance major, said he has not considered investing in a class ring.

“It’s not something that I ever even thought of looking into,” said Huang. “Mainly because of the cost but college is also shortly lived.”

Psychology major and senior Dylan Gutierrez feels the same way.

“I have not considered getting a class ring at all,” Guiterrez said. “The degree is expensive enough.”

Other than the obscene cost of the celebratory gifts, Gutierrez said he is not really into jewelry anyway.

“Maybe if they were significantly cheaper, maybe like 50 bucks I might consider it,” Gutierrez said.

As exciting as it would be to have a piece of jewelry or frame emphasizing any sort of accomplishment, most seniors seem to feel that it just isn’t worth breaking your wallet over.

You would also have to consider the type of metal you want, what words will go where, if you want additional jewels and if you want to put extracurricular activities you partook in while in school.

There are also unique designs used to offer a more aesthetically appealing ring.

With everything that goes into personalizing, finalizing and purchasing the jewelry, it almost seems to be a waste of time. You have already spent more than you wanted on tuition, books, runs to the coffee carts for energy and more.

You are so exhausted and overwhelmed that all you really want to do is sleep for eight hours straight.

It seems silly to spend that much money. Yes, graduating school is a huge accomplishment that you should be very proud of, but you should use that money for something you really want or need.

Maybe you made yourself a promise that you would do something awesome or get yourself something nice you have been saving up for; a ring might not be it.

Rings offer a temporary high that becomes less of a thought but something to care for and keep track of. So save your money for something you want.