Mountain Lion Connect is expanding access through a new mobile app

27 November 2018

Cambrea Hall

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Mountain Lion Connect is changing to a new service on a mobile platform. “UCCSconnect” is a free app now available to students and will eventually replace Mountain Lion Connect.

UCCSconnect allows students to connect to organizations, communicate with other members and explore the campus community with the addition of other services. For example, students are able to “tag” friends in events that interest them and review their class schedules with a few quick swipes. UCCSconnect was created to be a comprehensible app that covers any and all online interactions at UCCS, such as class schedules, clubs and events and puts them at the fingertips of students.

The idea to have an all encompassing app was first brought to attention by last year’s Student Government Association (SGA) President Joey Vijayam. Vijayam, now a UCCS graduate, presented his proposition to UCCS administration and the idea was well received, according to Director of Student Activities and Community Service Stephen Cucchiara.

The Office of Information Technology (OIT), Research and Student Life, alongside the company Involvio LLC, worked to expand the services of Mountain Lion Connect through Involvio’s “school-year” app. Involvio also created the app used by freshmen and transfer students during orientation.

“Instead of students having to swipe their ID cards at events, we will be able to scan a QR code on their phones, which the app provides. This will result in shorter event lines,” said Cucchiara. “Students will also be able to turn on push notifications for events or clubs so they’re getting instant updates.”
Cucchiara said he thought that UCCSconnect is a really great system and a more interactive way for students to communicate, access resources, and stay organized.

“Through UCCSconnect, Student Life can really measure student engagement. We are able to send out quick surveys and polls during or after events that students are able to fill out on their phones,” said Cucchiara. “Marketing for the app will begin within the next month. Students are encouraged to download the app now.”

UCCSconnect, while already available on all smart phone app stores, is still in a transition process.

Sabrina Wienholtz Director of Student Clubs, Organizations and Leadership is overseeing the overall  functionality of the app as they begin to phase out Mountain Lion Connect.

“UCCSconnect is attractive because it allows students to curate their experience. Students can turn post notifications on for certain events that interest them – or have them all on!” said Wienholtz. “ Right now, we’re doing a broad rollout. We’re working to inform students, clubs, and departments more in the spring.”

According to Wienholtz, sessions are scheduled within the next month to provide UCCSconnect demonstrations to clubs and departments. Clubs will be attending demonstrations at the end of November and departments at the beginning of December.

Student Life Program Assistant Amandine Habben, who is in charge of the marketing and training associated with the app, the Office of Information Technology, and Wienholtz are all working together to ensure that UCCSconnect is everything students need it to be.

“We want to meet students where they are which is on their smartphones!” Wienholtz said.

Students interested in UCCSconnect can download the app and complete a single sign-on with their UCCS credentials.