Mountain Metro to offer free rides to students, transportation options on campus

April 18, 2017

Daryn Vlad

[email protected]

     According to a transportation survey from the Office of Sustainability’s website, over 85 percent of the UCCS community drives to campus, but students, faculty and staff also travel by city bus.

     From April 17-21, for UCCS Rides Free Week, the Mountain Metropolitan Transit will provide free rides on any fixed-route buses in Colorado Springs for UCCS students that show a UCCS ID.

     The Mountain Metropolitan Transit operates four stops at UCCS. According to director of Parking and Transportation Jim Spice, UCCS is working to give students access to free rides to and from campus on the city bus.

     Students unsatisfied by the price of parking permits or the free shuttle services campus can rent other modes of transportation through UCCS.

UCCS Carshare Program

     In 2011, Parking and Transportation and UHaul Carshare added another option for students to commute known as the UCCS Carshare Program.

     UCCS provides two free parking spaces to U-Haul cars, one in Summit Village and the other in Alpine Garage, as part of the Carshare Program.

     The partnership started with one space but eventually enough demand justified a second one, according to Spice.

     To use the car, prices start at $4.95 per hour or $62 per day. This includes the cost of 180 miles, gas and insurance.

     The U-Haul cars are easier to rent and are more convenient than rental cars, Spice said.

     “You can become a member, and that allows you access to rent the car whenever you want,” said Spice.

     “It’s basically an Uber that stays on campus.”

     Students can become a member by visiting or by downloading the app.

     “I think it’s a good idea. It’s a useful tool because a lot of my friends don’t have cars. I just think it needs to be promoted more,” said Stephen Bates, junior communication major.

     As members, students can unlock one of the cars by entering an access code into a keypad. Students are required to send a picture of a valid driver’s license and a headshot and have to answer a few basic questions before they are allowed access to the car.

Bike Share Program/ Carpooling

     The Rec Center offers a Bike Share Program for students to check out at no cost. The S.O.L.E Center also offers free commuter bicycles to 20 incoming freshmen who agree to leave their cars behind for their first semester of college.

     According to Spice, students also have the option to share parking permits between four registered license plates to encourage carpooling.

     If students, faculty or staff do not purchase a parking permit, they can park in lot 576 for free and ride a shuttle to and from the campus.

     Bates said he pays for a parking meter every time he drives to the campus.

     “I couldn’t get a permit because they sell out too fast. They sell 5 permits per spot; it’s a bad rule.”

     According to Spice, UCCS makes no profit from parking permits.

     “We’re simply making enough to pay for what it costs to have parking.”

     “To construct a new parking lot is $5,000 per space, and it’s $15,000 (per space) to build a parking garage. We charge enough to pay the bills that we have,” Spice said.