New UCCS department anticipates educating next generation of health care professionals

10 September 2019

Sarah McMillan

[email protected]

The department of Human Physiology and Nutrition (HPNU) has finished its first year while waiting for completion of the Hybl Center construction.

When the Board of Regents approved the creation of the department and the allocation of 20 faculty members, 11 from the department of Biology and nine from the department of Health Sciences, within the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, the HPNU department gained more independence.

“The merger was initiated to foster development in the areas of health, wellness, and human performance in accordance with the UCCS 2012-2020 Strategic Plan,” said Andrew Subudhi, the chair of the new department via email. “The new department draws on the high academic quality of these programs and will maximize efficient use of office, classroom and research space in the new William J. Hybl Sports Medicine and Performance Center.”

According to Subudhi, HPNU administers one undergraduate degree and three graduate degrees. The Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science degree has 241 students declared and is the majority of the department. The three Masters of Science degrees the department administers are in Strength and Conditioning, Sports Nutrition and Applied Physiology.

The Strength and Conditioning program has 14 students enrolled.

When construction on the Hybl Center is completed, HPNU’s offices, classrooms and labs will relocate there, but until then administration and faculty offices are in University Hall with additional offices and class time taking place in the Osborne Center.

Subudhi said that the department’s faculty are working on a proposal for a new major that is completely run by HPNU without collaborating with the department of Biology’s biomedical sciences option and the department of health Science’s nutrition option.

“I firmly believe that [the department] will be wildly successful,” said Subudhi and that the Hybl Center’s resources will benefit the department.