News briefs, upcoming updates at UCCS

May 02, 2017

Jasmine Nelson

[email protected]

Student Government Association Senate meeting

April 28

     In the final days of the spring semester, SGA’s budget to fund club activities has been spent, and their carryforward fund is left at $5,000 as of April 27.

     The largest amount passed by senate was for $10,000 to be put toward a two-semester pilot programs to provide free Mountain Metro bus rides to every UCCS student with the use of their student ID.

     At the conclusion of this pilot, the student body will be asked to vote on a $5 per semester fee to continue the program.

     This bill was put forward by Jeremy Nelson, senator of sustainability, and sustainability director Linda Kogan.

     “Over 30 percent of UCCS’ carbon footprint is from commuting,” said Kogan.

     Another benefit of the pilot, besides reducing our carbon footprint, includes a free option to get home when students have been drinking, according to Kogan.

      The bill was met with skepticism that Colorado Springs’ culture does not include prevalent bus riding. Ultimately, the bill was passed by majority.

     ROTC cadet Justin Jones proposed a new position in the senate, senator of military affairs. Jones said that he, along with four other students, would be interested in filling the position.

     Because 20 percent of UCCS students are affiliated with the military, they should be represented in the senate, according to Jones.

     “Our university is one of the most highly sought after academic discourse communities in the nation for veterans,” he said.

     Jones also argued many on campus are unaware of how to recognize post-traumatic stress disorder due to the isolation of ROTC cadets. All military-affiliated students deserve representation by someone who understands what they have experienced, said Jones.

Senate meeting

April 20

     Two student bills were passed at this senate meeting: SB-37: Therapy Dogs Spring 2017, approved by unanimous consent SB-38: 2017/2018 Budget, which was approved by a majority vote.

Office of sustainability

     UCCS was awarded the 2016 U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Postsecondary School award. Molly Mulligan won the 2017 Campus Sustainability Award for her work to make the library more sustainable.

     Students moving out of the dorms next week can donate their clothes, toiletries, nonperishable foods and other household items at two donation dumpsters in the Alpine Village and Summit dorms from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. May 10-13.


     The third season of “The Bluffs” premiered April 28. The season follows the story of a girl searching for her biological parents. (Bryanna Winner, who is in “The Bluffs,” is a reporter for The Scribe.)

     The series began in 2015, and the second series won an Emmy Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Heartland Chapter. Previous episodes can be found on YouTube.

     At the April 19 all-campus forum, Martin Wood, senior vice chancellor of University Advancement, emphasized how important fundraising is to the university’s budget.

     Enrollment and student retention are UCCS’ primary source of revenue, but private support for the campus has grown 339 percent in the last 10 years. $19.3 million was donated to UCCS last year