On-campus personal training an option for following New Year’s resolutions

January 23, 2018

Lauren Butler

[email protected]

    When a new year comes around, students might decide that it’s time to reinvent themselves.

    For many, “new year, new me” means improving exercise habits. Fitness programs at the Gallogly Recreation and Wellness Center are one way to keep up with a New Year’s Resolution..

    The Rec Center offers personal training year-round. Students can hire one of four student personal trainers  certified through the American Council on Exercise, American College of Sports Medicine, National Strength and Conditioning Association or the National Federation of Professional Trainers.

    Students can complete a fitness assessment with a trainer before they commit to a program. A fitness assessment costs a student $10 and can help trainers to better understand the needs of their client.

    “The (fitness assessment) tests include resting heart rate and blood pressure, body composition, flexibility, muscular strength and muscular endurance. Clients can perform a cardiovascular test like a run/walk if they would like to,” said Torin Kaletsky,  fitness program coordinator at the Rec Center.

    One 60-minute session costs $30 for students, according to the Rec Center website. Students can also sign up for packages of up to 18 sessions over the semester, according to Kaletsky.

     Depending on the goals of the student, they can renew as often as they like, or they can sign up for just one session to sample the benefits of receiving advice from a personal trainer.        

    “Once they register, clients can choose how many sessions they would like, and they can renew for as long as they’d like to remain clients,” Kaletsky said.

     Personal trainers are available throughout the week and on weekends with varying schedules. Trainers also tailor workouts to the needs of their clients to help them reach their goals, according to Kaletsky.

    “Campus Recreation Personal Trainers are able to customize workouts depending upon on the client’s exercise needs and goals,” said Kaletsky.

     “For example, if they want to focus on rebuilding strength after an injury, then that will be the focus of their sessions. If they just want to get a great workout and learn how to exercise safely, then the trainer will tailor the exercise program to that.”

     If a student prefers to work out with a partner, there is also the option of team training.

    Team training involves two students that exercise together with a personal trainer. Team training sessions start at $140 total for four sessions, which balance out to about $17.50 per session for each of the two students.

     In addition to the personal training programs offered at the Rec Center, students can buy a FitPass for $20 to have full access to the group fitness classes offered on a weekly basis.

    The spring 2018 schedule includes classes like Zumba, Vinyasa Yoga, Combat, Pilates, Bollywood Dance and more.

    For students looking to change their diets, they can visit two dieticians, Merri Metcalfe and Alyssa Shrader, at the Wellness Center.

    Students should consider a couple aspects of their health before committing to a program, said Kaletsky.

     “Clients should think about what their exercise goals are and needs in order to create the most beneficial outcome to their workout program. Also, clients with any prior medical conditions must consult with a physician prior to starting an exercise program,” he said.

    Students interested in registering for personal training should visitwww.uccs.edu/recwellness/campus-rec/fitness/personal-training.html.

  There, they can print the health history questionnaire found on the personal training tab. After completion, a trainer will contact the student in five to seven business days.

    For more information on personal training or other Rec Center programs, visit uccs.edu/recwellness/index.html.