Online nursing graduate program ranked 13th in the country

Feb. 1, 2016

Abbie Stillman
[email protected]

Online graduate programs allow people to keep their jobs or careers and take care of their children without worrying about getting to class on time.

The graduate program for the College of Nursing was ranked 13th in the country by U.S. News & World Report on Jan. 12, the highest of any program offered by a university in Colorado.

Each graduate program differs according to their subject, so they all run in different fashions. There is no minimum or maximum amount of courses students are allowed to register for.

The nursing program has to incorporate in-person clinicals into their program.

“While the degree program is totally online, wherever the students live, many of them are not in Colorado,” said the dean of the College of Nursing, Nancy Smith. “So they will do their clinical in their hometown.”

A helpful part of taking a class online is the flexibility.

“Most of the people in the online program are in the workforce who have family and other commitments,” Smith explained.

Students that are in the military can benefit from online nursing courses.

“Our nursing doctoral program is also completely online, so the students that get deployed are able to continue their education while on duty,” Smith said.

“We had a student that was about to graduate and she got deployed to Iraq in a hospital so she finished the program in Iraq,” Smith said.