OPINION | Every woman needs to watch “Doll Face”

     “Doll Face” makes waves in the feminist genre of television. It depicts women struggling with self-identity, the ups and downs of friendships and the unknown of life of being a woman. This show strips down all the layers of what it means to be a woman and the navigations that we face.  

     I was in a long-term relationship, and I lost a lot of my friends. I chose to cut myself off and focus solely on my relationship. I had not realized how lonely I had let myself become until after the breakup. Trying to rekindle friendships and learning how to be friends with girls again was hard.  

     The main character, ironically named Jules, is going through that exact thing. She is trying to navigate her way through her twenties and learning how to connect with friends again. The harsh conversations bring to light what the reality of what life is like for a woman.   

     “Doll Face” is a comedy that handles tough subjects with a lighthearted tone. Every woman needs to see that life and finding your girl group is hard but very worth it. I think that women have too much pressure put on us to be successful in everything we do because people are expecting us to fail. The characters in this show are all at different stages in their lives but they never tear each other down.  

     Women have needed a show that expands on what it means to be a good friend. For far too long we have seen gossip, drama, cheating, lying, etc., in television depicting women. These women are strong, independent, and always have each other’s backs.  

     The writers of this show have kept it honest and true to what it means to find your identity. Far too many of us have been in relationships and lost who we are. We get out and can’t recognize ourselves in the mirror. We feel uncomfortable going back to those friends we lost contact with or stopped going out with; that is normal. However, I can guarantee you that they will be there for you and if they aren’t, then you know you need a stronger girl group.  

     “Doll Face” goes into depth about what it means to be a woman. It shows the sex, the arguments, the cussing, and the real emotions women feel, not the ones men think we feel.  

     This is the show that is meant for women and to empower women to start that journey they’ve been wanting to start for so long. Surround yourself with strong, powerful, supporting women and you will see yourself soar.