Parking and Transportation Services finalizes new NCC shuttle route 

UCCS’ Department of Parking and Transportation Services has finalized their semester schedule for the new shuttle route to the National Cybersecurity Center (NCC). It will provide students with a quick and free way to get to the NCC for events and trainings

The route runs directly from campus to the NCC, which is located at 3650 N. Nevada Ave. It was originally planned to run throughout the day, making several trips to and from the main campus to the NCC. 

According to Jim Spice, the executive director of Parking and Transportation Services, the regular NCC service has been turned into an on-demand service after several weeks of planning and observing the usage of these shuttles. 

Students should let Parking and Transportation services know if they will need to go to the NCC four hours ahead of time so that they can arrange a shuttle for them to use.  

Spice also said that there are currently no plans to add new shuttle routes or change any of the existing routes. However, the department is looking to gradually replace their diesel shuttles with fully electric buses by 2025 as part of the new Sustainability Master Plan.  

Students can find out more information about shuttle services to and from the NCC by emailing [email protected].  

UCCS Shuttle bus stopped in central campus en route to west campus. Photo by Meghan Germain.