PHOTOSPREAD | Clyde goes on Spring Break

When I reached my car to leave campus on Friday for spring break, Clyde the Mountain Lion was sitting in my passenger seat with his luggage in the back. He told me I had been chosen as the pilot student for UCCS’ new student engagement program “Project: What do students do on spring break (come up with a better name).”

Before I could get a word in, he played a video from chancellor Sennifer Jobanet, “Hi Lillian, Clyde will be joining you on spring break! I know it’s a shock, but we thought the lack of communication would make for a more authentic experience.”

I had no other choice but to bring Clyde home with me. This is what happened.

When we got home, he was greeted with a mouth-hug by 10-month-old Walter.
Clyde watches his first lacrosse game on Mar. 24. He told me he wanted to go to more, but that UCCS only pays for him to go to basketball, so he probably won’t.
Clyde soaks up the rays during a beautiful sunny day on some hot white sand.
Clyde hangs around in a blooming tree.
Clyde was frustrated with my first-ever attempt at a black forest cake on Monday. He kept yelling that I under-whipped the frosting.
On Tuesday, spring break took an unfortunate turn when the entire Davis household got a cold which lasted for the rest of break.
Clyde enjoyed taking part in the sick-during-break ritual of playing Minecraft endlessly.
Clyde writes my discussion post for class, since some of us still have to do assignments during “break.”

The Minecraft title screen graces Clyde’s eyes for the first time.