Four spots to see autumn colors this fall

Kate Marlett

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 Autumn is a time for cozy sweaters, warm drinks and falling leaves. Nature’s display of bright yellow, orange and red leaves makes for an impressive sight each year. With autumn colors beginning to emerge across the city, it is a great time to get outside and view the changing of the seasons. 

     The city of Colorado Springs has many locations to view these vibrant leaves. Below are four locations to discover fall up close and personal. 

1. Fox Run Regional Park 

     Fox Run Regional Park is a great location not just for viewing breathtaking and bright trees but also spending time in nature. Yellow and orange trees reflect in the lake like a mirror, displaying the serene and peaceful mood of the park.  

     Visitors can also enjoy a boardwalk onto another large lake with a picturesque landscape all around them. With many trails crossing through the 417-acre property, Fox Run is a great spot to be immersed in nature. 

2. Bear Creek Nature Center 

     Bear Creek Nature Center showcases both vivid fall leaves as well as plenty of wildlife. As visitors walk along the many trails at Bear Creek, they can observe native Colorado flora and fauna.  

     The scrub oak, squirrels, birds and gravel paths at Bear Creek emphasize the warm and cheerful atmosphere of fall. One of the many reasons that the Nature Center is so popular is its close location near Highway 24 and Interstate 25.  

3. Cottonwood Creek Park 

     Cottonwood Creek Park features large, wide open spaces for visitors to sit down, relax and observe the park around them. Many of the large trees are showing the first signs of changing color and within the coming weeks should reveal autumn displays. 

     The park includes a playground along with large fields for sports performances. With many massive trees across the open spaces, Cottonwood Creek is a great location to be surrounded by fall. 

4. Garden of the Gods 

     Garden of the Gods is the destination to view breathtaking rock formations. It is also a place to see bright fall colors and experience the warm glow of autumn. This famous city park is iconic in all seasons — rain, shine or snow — but the season that stands out the most at Garden of the Gods is autumn. 

     Visiting these areas around sunset provides an even more illuminating effect as the yellow and orange leaves seem to glow in the evening sky. The beautiful weather during fall is present in Colorado with days in October being some of the most gorgeous all year.  

     When autumn comes around, the natural landscape is showered in vibrant and welcoming colors. This fall, taking the time to enjoy the great outdoors can be a rewarding and relaxing experience.