OP: Reading is beneficial and should be done more often

16 October 2018

Quinita Thomas

[email protected]

   While some people view reading as a waste of time, others see it as a tool that will help them excel in their daily life.

    I am one of those people.

    It is important to start reading at a young age. It not only builds one’s intellect faster than average, but allows individuals to foster creativity as well.

    Reading develops the mind, because it helps an individual understand written words.

    Reading especially increases our understandings when we start at a young age. Children can benefit from this, because it allows them to improve on their language and listening skills.

    According to Nord Anglia Education, studies show that reading for fun does make a difference in one’s educational performance. In fact, it is suggested that those who choose reading as a hobby not only do better on reading tests, but they will also increase their general knowledge, as well as an understanding of other cultures.

    Pbs.org also agrees that reading is a key factor in success. They suggest that children who have difficulty reading often lose the desire to do so. Without help, this will become a barrier, so they do not overcome it.

    By learning to read at a young age, and then continuing that pattern throughout your life, your cognitive development will excel at a faster rate.

    Since reading exposes individuals to new ideas and experiences, it can often increase ones creativity as they learn to see things in new light and from a different perspective.

    According to an article titled “Why Reading Makes You More Creative” by Sasmita Patnaik, reading helps you become more creative, since it can increase imagination, “widen your horizons of thinking” and allows you to learn and experience seamlessly throughout your lifetime: “The more you experience, the more you can imagine and the more you can create. But truly speaking, keeping account of only your individual experiences can limit your creativity. Reading is like living a million lives. It makes up for all that you have not been able to experience in life.”

    In an article published by Literacy Works titled “Why Read? Reason #6: Knowledge is Power but Imagination is More Valuable,” the author Paul Heavenridge “the more we read, the more enlightened we become. Gaining knowledge empowers our minds and broadens its range.”

    From the time we are little to our older years, we are developing new ways to stay creative and strengthen our minds. Reading allows us to keep this development going throughout our lives.

    Make sure to take a few hours out of your days to sit down and read for fun; your brain will thank you.