Renovations Coming to Café 65

12 March 2019

Edna Newey

[email protected]

    The University Center is looking to renovate the seating and lounge area of Café 65. Renovations are expected to begin prior to the end of this semester and are to be completed before the beginning of the fall semester.

    The plans are based on student and staff feedback following a digital questionnaire and an informal feedback session from Feb. 2.

    “One of the key things that we got from student feedback is the desire to make the area feel more homey and welcoming and easier to have large study groups,” said Alejandro DeJesus, associate director of University Center and event production.

    “The space’s renovation is focused on students and comfort but will also be another option for events venues,” said Cafe 65 manager Jonathan Graves.

    Borrowing from the library’s success at collaborative spaces, University Center is hoping to insert restaurant style booths and couches for student and faculty lounging and workspaces.

    With the renovation of the new space comes a new opportunity for student-centered interaction beyond just a place to eat. Among other changes, it is hoped that the space will gain a TV, though the location is in debate, as is the establishment of a new name for the space. Student artwork is also expected to be displayed and rotated frequently.
    “It’s already a really cool place, so it’s awesome that it’s going to get even better,” said Daniel Palis, a freshman electrical engineering major.

      Event Services’  choice to go with a design firm has taken a sizable portion of the budget. The design firm is a local company known as Tremmel Design Group. According to the minutes of the monthly University Center Advisory Board meeting, as well as DeJesus, UCCS has worked with Tremmel in the past on both UC remodels and with the downtown presence.

    In the minutes from the Jan. 31 meeting, no hard timeline was presented, but a contractor is expected to be brought in by June. Minutes from these meetings are available on the University Center and Event Services Advisory Board website.

    Construction is not expected to impede Café 65 dining since its operations are closed in the summer when the construction will take place.

    The last remodeling that took place in the same area was the atrium with new chairs and tables. The renovation coincides with the revamping of Café 65’s eateries. Though housed in the same area and working closely together, event services and dining services oversee distinctive components of Café 65, with event services overseeing the where of eating and dining services overseeing the what.

    Fabric contributes greatly to the choices of design since it dictates how long it will last. Upholstery for high use settings are tested for durability and if students look underneath seats in Café 65, they will see how many sits the upholstery can handle. Durability is something that shall be taken into account for the final budget and costs of the project.