Satire – Why we definitely live in a simulation: Joy’s justification

19 February 2019

Joy Webb

[email protected]

     Every time I drive by Carl’s Junior, I get a deep, suspicious pang in my stomach telling me that something isn’t right. There’s something uneasy about this fast food chain, not only because I have never in my life eaten there, but also because I don’t know a single other person who eats there. Carl’s Junior is the strongest piece of evidence I have that we live in a simulation. The simulation put Carl’s Junior as a decoy to fool people into believing that there could actually be both burritos and hamburgers at the same place.

     All of the cars parked outside are put there to bamboozle the general public in the simulation to believe that there are actual customers or actual people who work there. For all we know, Carl’s Junior is a ploy, just like Trump’s presidency, that is simply put in place to see when someone will finally figure out that we are all a part of a simulation.