Advice with Abby – Making your body the best it can be

19 February 2019

Abby Jadali

[email protected]

The reason we eat healthily and workout should not be entirely because we need to lose weight. It should be something we do to make our bodies the best and healthiest they can be. Some of the hardest parts about working out and eating better is initially starting. And then once we start, it is normally a fight to stay on track. Staying on track with these things takes so much mental preparation: mental preparation we don’t normally realize. But hopefully, I will be able to shine some light on these things.

How to Start

When you begin preparation to start dieting, don’t think of it as a diet: think of it as a new lifestyle you want to implement.. So don’t do something that will be nearly impossible. Don’t start a diet that you know for a fact you won’t be able to do forever. Try not to start any of those juice diets (unless you are doing a quick cleanse); try not to do anything where you get rid of all the food groups. Do something that you know will last. When it comes to working out, try out multiple things. You can do things like gym workouts, at-home workouts, group exercise classes and so many others. Find something you know you will enjoy because you don’t want to spend 30-60 minutes of your day doing a workout you hate.

How to Continue

You have now started your journey of giving yourself and your body a better life. If you are doing exercises that you enjoy and eating foods you love, either in moderation or based on a doable eating plan, you shouldn’t be having too hard of a time staying on the path. But we all get those cravings for foods we shouldn’t have and that is okay. If you can sit there and tell yourself that you really don’t need it and find a healthier alternative then take it. But if you truly need that piece of chocolate, or want a donut at the staff breakfast, then take one. Our time here is too short for us to worry about every single thing we eat. If you do “cheat” don’t start to spiral out of control. Get right back on track and just keep going. If our bodies are craving something, then just eat it. The more you let your new lifestyle eating journey have its cracks where you don’t always make the right decision, the easier it will be to stay on. When it comes to working out if you wake up and really don’t want to go to the gym or it’s the end of the day and you are just not feeling it. Remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. You are working out for your own health. If you don’t want to go to the gym, then maybe just take a walk around the neighborhood; if you don’t want to do the hour-long workout routine, then do a shorter one that you will enjoy. In order to make this a lifestyle, you need to integrate it into your life; you don’t integrate yourself into it.

I am not saying any of this to make people feel like they must do it. I am just saying that if you want to make a change in your life, don’t make it so dramatic to the point where you aren’t enjoying it. You want to look back at your life and remember all the fun you had, so make sure that each time you love your workout and that everything you eat is something you know you will love. Spend your time loving life and taking care of your body.