SCRIBBLE | Global warming is a new beginning for our environment

Global warming has been an ongoing issue for years. I remember discussing global warming when I was in elementary school and I didn’t know what it meant for us at the time, but now I have a better understanding. I get the concept now. Global warming is a great contribution to our environment.

We all know what it’s like to live in Colorado with the inconsistent weather patterns. It is April now, so I can’t wait for the 80-degree day that turns into a good, solid thunderstorm at night, but I hate when it snows the next morning. Global warming can prevent unwanted snowfall.

Everyone is so nervous about global warming finally taking over because we all talk about how it’s harming our environment. Why can’t we talk about how nice it would be to have a change in the weather patterns, not just in Colorado, but everywhere?

I’m going to give you five reasons why global warming can have a positive impact on our lives.

  1. We don’t need to bring out all the layers year-round. It might be questionable now when it’s going to snow, but not with global warming. We can enjoy comfortably warm temperatures and never put on a parka again.
  2. We all know global warming is causing the rising sea levels, but why is that a bad thing? You don’t have to seek out the ocean views they will be in your backyard soon enough. A beach wherever you go. Isn’t that great?
  3. I like to get away from Colorado sometimes to enjoy the heat. A nice trip to Florida, California or even Mexico for a vacation full of heat waves. With this global warming thing, I don’t have to travel because it’ll be a heat wave every day. I’m going to save so much on flights, and you will too.
  4. I think lots of people will agree with me that heating bills get so expensive. Maybe you don’t pay for it, but someone does. Global warming means no heaters are necessary and all those funds can go towards the AC and that’s even better.
  5. Have you ever seen the displays for underwater restaurants? Well, here is a new business idea for you. With global warming, the underwater market will expand, and we will see more underwater housing. Real Estate agents are going to have a blast promoting these new houses. The best part is, most of the houses will already be underwater so no work has to be done! Who doesn’t want to live in Atlantis?

Let’s celebrate and promote this blazing hot new idea using #GlobalWarmingForTheWin!

Photo by NASA on Unsplash.