SGA legislation: what has been passed, implemented during the 2017-18 year so far

February 27, 2018

Sarah Kellar

[email protected]

In the UCCS SGA, the legislative branch, which includes 17 elected senators, votes “yea,” or “nay” on the bills proposed to them by students and other members of SGA.

Senators also have the option of abstaining or recusing their vote if they are absent from voting or feel that more information is needed to vote yea or nay. While the number of senators on the legislative branch has fluctuated this year, there are currently, there are 13 senators in the legislative branch.

Bills are put into immediate effect with approval from Joey Vijayam, student body president. Here is a look into eight student bills and one student resolution that passed this year. Other bills include providing funding for club sports, funding for Greek Life, the implementation and recognition for new clubs and student-focused events on campus.

These bills were chosen based upon their impact on the student body and SGA as a whole.


SB.03 – DACA Fundraiser Passed: Sept. 28

Voting Record: 14 yes, one no, zero abstain, zero recuse

Authored By: Joey Vijayam, student body president, and Angel Tran, senator-at-large A bill passed that created a fundraiser to raise funds for the UCCS Student Relief Fund. The Fund is a need-based awards for students who cannot receive state or federal financial aid. DACA students receive preference when applying for the reward.


SB.07 – SGA Recognition

Passed: Nov. 2

Voting Record: 7 yes, 5 no, zero abstain, 2 recuse

Authored By: Joey Vijayam and Shawn Hendrickson, former senator of business

This bill established a fund to recognize SGA members for their efforts. Members of the Executive Council receive a stipend every month from $300-$400. In this bill, three merit-based awards of $250 were to be awarded to SGA members who are not on the council, including senators and justices. However, since the passing of this bill, the original legislation on the merit-based awards to non-members of the Executive Council was reversed.


SB.09 – Defining the Electorate

Passed: Nov. 9

Voting Record: 14 yes, zero no, zero abstain, zero recuse

Authored By: Victoria Crowley, senator of engineering

This bill redefined the Electorate in the SGA Constitution. The new definition is “all currently enrolled students of UCCS who pay student fees are members of the Electorate.”


SB.20 – Collegiate Leadership Competition

Passed: Dec. 8

Voting Record: 12 yes, zero no, 1 abstain, 0 recuse

Authored By: Victoria Crowley

A bill passed that provided funds to pay for the team registration fee for the Collegiate Leadership Competition. The competition allows students “the opportunity to learn valuable skills in leadership, makes connections and network, and to represent UCCS.”


SB.24 – UCCS Bike Share Program

Passed: Jan. 26

Voting Record: 10 yes, 1 no, zero abstain, 1 recuse

Authored By: Joey Vijayam and Emily Garberding, senator of sustainability

In this bill, $2,000 was allotted to a future bike share program on campus. A survey was administered to the campus to gain an estimate on how many students would be interested in the program.


SB.30 – Recognition Refund

Passed: Feb. 9

Voting Record: 11 yes, zero no, zero abstain, zero recuse

Authored By: Soledad Anglada, senator-at-large

A bill that refunded $810 from the original SGA recognition bill back into the carryforward fund.


SR.01 – Reaffirmation of Support for UCCS Veteran and Military Students

Passed: Sept. 7

Voting Record: 13 yes, zero no, zero abstain, zero recuse

Authored By: Shawn Hendrickson

This resolution intended to reaffirm support from the student body to these students. SGA “thanked Veterans and Military for their service to our country.”