SGA senate ratifies measures under review

March 3, 2020

The Student Government Assocation (SGA) senate met on Feb. 27 and ratified all legislation made since the start of the spring semester. The senate also approved eight Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) recommendations and heard a presentation from Justice Kyle Kight.

On Feb. 25, the Judicial Board decided to hear a full judicial review regarding public access to senate agendas before their Thursday meetings.

SGA advisor Jon Bogh publicly apologized for not explaining the judicial review process to the senators. “I missed an opportunity with all of you last week. I want to apologize up front. The discussion about the judicial review and the sequence of events — I want to clear that up right now,” Bogh said. “One, Annika, yes, did approach me and said ‘I cannot find the agendas anywhere. Can you look for me?’ I figured out the subfolder was set to organization only. Last summer, when we updated Mountain Lion Connect, all folders defaulted to organization view only. They’re there, but not everyone has access to them. So, I switched it over to public view.”

Bogh explained that a couple days later, Annika Schmidt, a reporter for the Scribe, approached him and restated her concerns over the agendas not being published in accordance with SGA’s constitutional bylaws. It was at this juncture that Bogh emailed Schmidt with the link to file a judicial review.

Later that week, the Scribe met with senate leadership to discuss the perceived mistake. At the Feb. 20 unofficial meeting, the senators were informed that Schmidt went forward with filing the review.

“I thought ‘Man, I wish I would’ve stood up last week to explain this and clear up the ambiguities,’” Bogh said. “Any student can file a judicial review. Just because the individual happened to be on the Scribe makes no difference.”

Bogh reexplained Schmidt’s role in the judicial review to ensure his statements were on public record. After Bogh, Justice Kyle Kight explained last week’s Judicial Board meeting. He said that the board met Tuesday to decide whether to hear the judicial review. With a 4-1 vote, the judicial review will be heard Tuesday, March 3, at 3:15 p.m. in UC 102 F.

The senate proceeded to approve any legislation passed during the Jan. 23, Jan. 30, Feb. 6 and Feb. 13 meetings in case the Judicial Board finds the senate not in accordance with their bylaws.

The motion was made by Senator of LAS and Speaker of the Senate Aiden Meadows and seconded by Stephanie Moyer, Senator of Innovation. The motion was approved 10-0.

“This corrects any potential violations outside of what the J-Board decision might be so that any funding made when the agendas were not visible or posted incorrectly are corrected,” said Meadows. BAC Recommendations

Phi Alpha Theta requested after-the-fact funding for their Mother Language Day event on Feb. 21. The total amount requested for catering, $700, was approved 10-0.

The Practical Magic club requested $75 for event expenses for them to create self-love jars at their Feb. 28 event. Their request was approved 10-0.

The Snacking and Crafting club requested $622 to cover material costs for a macrame wall hanging craft event. The event will be on March 3 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. in UC 309. Their request was approved 11-0.

The Tumbling and Tricking club requested $900 for more gym admission passes. Since they last requested funds, the club has doubled in size. Their request was approved 11-0.

The Trans Student Union requested $492.39 for six members to travel to a conference in Boulder on March 15-16. Their request was approved 11-0.

The Women Student Assocation requested $136.88 for decorations for their Women of Influence 2020 event on March 10 from 6-9:30 p.m. in Kettle Creek. Their request was approved 11-0.

The Chemistry and Bio-Chemistry club requested $2,000 to cover Airbnb and airfare costs. Seven members will be attending the ACS in Philadelphia on March 20-24. Their request was approved with 10-0 with one abstention.

The National Student Exchange requested $851.88 for an Airbnb and gas for their trip to Gunnison on March 26-29. Their request was approved 10-1.