SGA summary: a year of bills passed to support students

The Senate held its final meeting for the year on April 18 after a full year supporting student events and funding obstacles.

The information below is according to minutes from Senate meetings, which are on SGA’s MLC page.

Here are all the bills and resolutions passed by SGA and the funding allocated for each:

SB-01: Support for Concert on the Lawn Bill

SGA allocated $3,350 ($3,651.50 with the 9% GAR tax) to support the concert on Aug. 21, 2023. This was used to purchase Dippin’ Dots, cotton candy material, flower crown-making supplies and a rented mechanical bull.

SB-02: Premiere Night Inflatable Ax Throwing Bill

SGA allocated $345 ($376.05 with the 9% GAR tax) to rent inflatable axe throwing for the University Center Premiere Night.

SB-03: Let’s Talk About Sex: The Magic of Metaphor Bill

Counselor and UCCS alum Ashley Cornelius hosted a workshop on Sep. 26 that used stories, poetry and metaphors to encourage sexual self-exploration. SGA paid $1,815 ($1,978.35 with the 9% GAR tax included) for the event’s speaker and catering.

SB-04: Senate Snack Bill

SGA allocated $1,200 ($1,308 with the 9% GAR tax) to pay for snacks in the SGA office that students attending SGA meetings are welcome to access.

SB-05: Homecoming Bonfire Bill

SGA hosted a bonfire during homecoming week that offered hot chocolate, lemonade and smores to students. SGA spent $1,556.27 ($1,696.33 with the 9% GAR tax) on supplies for the event.

SB-07: Student Activities Fee Proposal

This bill created the ballot initiative for the Student Activities Fee increase that was voted on in the spring election. The initiative passed, and the fee was raised to $30.40 per semester ($15.20 in the summer).

SB-08: Light the Spine Funding Bill

SGA allocated $4,666.18 ($5,086.13 with the 9% GAR tax) to purchasing supplies for Light the Spine. Clubs decorate boards to line The Pedestrian Spine during finals week and help students de-stress.

SB-09: Summoning Spirits Bill

On Oct. 30, Peter Boie hosted a seance-meets-magic show at UCCS. SGA allocated $5,500 ($5,995 with the 9% GAR tax) for the cost of his performance and travel fees.

SB-10: Fentanyl Harm Reduction Bill

SGA allocated $1,980 ($2,174.55 with the 9% GAR tax) to provide free fentanyl test strips to UCCS students.

SB-12: Friendsgiving Merch Bill

Friendsgiving was hosted by SGA on Nov. 15 and provided free food, bingo prizes and free UCCS merch to students who attended. This bill allocated $2,175 ($2,370.75 with the 9% GAR tax) to buying 300 pairs of fuzzy UCCS socks and 300 earmuffs for students attending the event.
SB-13: Friendsgiving Bash Bingo Prizes Bill

SGA allocated $603.94 ($658.29 with the 9% GAR tax) to bingo prizes for Friendsgiving.

SB-14: Friendsgiving Catering and Decoration Bill

SGA allocated $6,258.98 ($6,822.29 with the 9% GAR tax) to provide catering for the event and fall decorations.

SB-16: GAF Fee Referendum

This bill placed the Green Action Fund fee onto the spring student election ballot, which was passed by the student population. This $6.39 per semester fee ($3.20 in summer) goes toward student, staff and faculty sustainability projects on campus.

SB-17: Reallocation of SGA Carryforward for BAC

This bill reallocated $50,000 ($54,500 with the 9% GAR tax) to BAC so they could continue operations during the spring semester after running out of funds at the end of fall semester. BAC reported spending an average of $6,500 per meeting.

SB-18: Pause for Paws Bill

SGA allocated $600 ($654 with the 9% GAR tax) to provide an honorarium to K9to5 for the fall and spring semesters. K9to5 hosts many events at UCCS that bring in service dogs to help students de-stress during finals.

SB-20: Roar Daze Fund Allocation

SGA allocated $18,192 ($19,892.28 with the 9% GAR tax) to fund club events during Roar Daze 2024. BAC was responsible for allocating exact amounts to clubs and each club could receive up to $3,032 for their event.

SB-21: Reallocation Bill

This bill reallocated $4,000 from the SGA Office, Marketing and Resource Manager student employment position pay pool and $5,000 from the SGA officer recognition pay pool to the Carryforward fund, which is the funding the senate uses for bills. These excess funds came from unfilled positions. This provided the senate with an additional $9,000 to put toward bills.

SB-22: Restorative Justice Comic Book Bill

SGA allocated $375 ($408.75 with the 9% GAR tax) to cover costs for the two Restorative Justice Comic Book events, which focused on Ryan Forbes, a formerly incarcerated comic book artist who writes about restorative justice.

SB-23: Recognition Stipend for BAC Members

This bill provided $3,500 ($3,815 with the 9% GAR tax) for an additional stipend to BAC members based on attendance at meetings for the spring semester. Members earned $100 per meeting attended, up to $800. The bill was intended to thank members for the hard work they did while facing many challenges with club funding running out.

SB-24: Desire Embraced Bill

SGA allocated $266.39 ($290.37 with the 9% GAR tax) to fund raffle prizes for MOSAIC’s Desire Embraced Event. Desire Embraced focused on exploring taboo topics surrounding sex and exploring sexual desire and health.

SB-25: Roar Awards Catering Bill

SGA allocated $1,323 ($1,442.07 with the 9% GAR tax) for catering expenses for the Roar Awards event on April 29. This event provides awards and graduation cords to students and club leaders.

SB-26: ClydeCon Catering and Bag Bill

SGA allocated $4,001 ($4,361.09 with the 9% GAR tax) to catering expenses for ClydeCon, which focuses on sustainability initiatives on campus. The event is organized annually by Clyde’s Clothing Corner and offers tabling, food, activities and an opportunity to participate in a sustainable clothing swap.

Graphic by Zee O’Donnell.

Photo via The Scribe Archives.