“Small Mouth Sounds,” a nearly silent play at the Ent Center

Caitlyn Diekmann

January 28, 2020

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 Be prepared to pay attention to all the small details as “Small Mouth Sounds” by Bess Wohl opens at the Ent Center Jan. 30 – Feb. 16. Viewer discretion is advised due to language, nudity, spandex and lots of silence, according to UCCS presents.  

     “Small Mouth Sounds” follows six strangers as they take part in a silent adventure away from city life at a yoga retreat. Engrossed in humor and human awkwardness, the characters attempt to connect amidst their vows of silence.   

     Director Tasia A. Jones said, “I hope audiences embrace the silence the same way the characters are asked to. It might be a new experience for some audience members to watch a play that has very little dialogue, but I think they will enjoy the opportunity to watch a play in a new way.”  

     She also explained that audiences have to pay attention to the movements of the actors and actresses because you cannot rely on their dialogue for the plot. The play combines details and subtle movements to convey communication.  

     “The play is about reflection and connection,” Jones said. “Hopefully students find space to reflect and connect with another during and after their experience of the play and allow themselves to slow down and take a break from technology and the hustle and bustle of student life.” 

     As tech rehearsals begin soon, Jones is confident in her cast, saying, “Everyone is working really hard to bring this play to life. The cast is doing an excellent job finding all the small moments.”  

     Actor Lavour Addison said that the play was about people finding common ground through non-verbal communication. 

     Jan, Addison’s character, is a Finnish pastor who lost his son. Jan goes to the yoga retreat after his marriage begins to fall apart. Addison said about his character, “You will see his flaws, his humor and hopefully him overcoming his difficulties.”  

     Addison grew up in the Bahamas and started doing theatre at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He recently moved to Colorado last February and feels very blessed to be a part of this show.  

     Actress Julia Green said, “I think ‘Small Mouth Sounds’ tells one of those rare stories that will take audiences off their guards.” She then added, “I recently learned that in live theatre, a special neurological shift happens as the audience empathizes with the characters on stage, and all the heartbeats in the audience start to synchronize. I hope our play will cast that spell on the room.”  

     Green plays a character named Alicia whom she described as noisy and unable to stop stuffing her face with all the snacks she is not allowed to have.  

     Growing up in Connecticut, Green began acting at seven years old. She has since moved to Colorado and has 15 years of experience under her belt.  

     The rest of the cast includes Jihad Milhelm, Russell Sperberg, Christina Norris Prentiss Benjamin and Josue Prieto.