Softball seniors stand out among the crowd

16 April 2019

Brian Blevins

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    Ricki Rothbauer-Stubbs, head coach of the UCCS softball team, pointed out three senior softball players that she thinks deserve attention for their performance: infielder Rayle Glover, pitcher Taylor Reidhead and shortstop Melissa “Missy” Martinek.

    Rothbauer-Stubbs said via email that, “all of our players are great representatives of the program and the athletic department. We put a ton of energy into developing our team culture and I think it shows all the way through the roster.”

    “Often with our team,” Rothbauer-Stubbs added, “these three serve as a catalyst for the other hitters in the lineup. We have a lot of players contributing clutch hits and RBI at any given time.  Again, I think that speaks to the chemistry and culture in the group. They know they can rely on anyone in the lineup to help the team.”

    So far this season, all three have batted over 30 percent, with slugging percentages averaging near 50 percent. Reidhead’s slugging percentage sits at 68.4 percent.

    Questions were posed to Glover, Reidhead and Martinek, but Martinek had not responded as of the time of print, and both Glover and Reidhead had responded via email.

What brought you to UCCS?

    Glover: “As a junior in high school, I came to a softball camp at UCCS.  I fell in love with the mountain views and how close it is to home. After 1 more camp and an official visit, I decided I wanted to come here for the school but also for softball.”

    Reidhead: “They seemed to have a good academic program that I was interested in and I also really liked the campus. I had to get used to the bigger city because im from a small town but this just seemed like the right place to go.”

What is it like being a college athlete?

    Glover: “Being on a team is great.  You have a support system that will have your back no matter what. Our team this year is a lot closer than previous years.”

    Reidhead: “Life as an athlete can be very stressful and fun. You practice almost everyday while having to go to multiple classes….We get to see our friends each day and make some memories too. Typical day is going to class, then practice, sometimes weights after practice, sometimes class again, try to do some homework, sleep and repeat.”

What is the best and hardest part about being an athlete?

    Glover: “I think the best part about being a collegiate athlete is having that team support system behind you.  It was awesome coming in as a freshman and already knowing 20 girls that you could rely on….I think the hardest part is the schedule. Some days I barely have time for anything except school and softball.”

    Reidhead: “The best part is being able to play the sport I love and making lifelong friends. The hardest part would probably be the amount of time we put into our sport. It feels like we are always on the go and sometimes we need a mental break but we just have to push through.”

Who has had the biggest impact on you and your game?

    Glover: “I’d have to say my dad first of all because he is the one that got me started 15 years ago. He also used to take me to all of my games and practices no matter how early and no matter how stinky my feet were in the car after. My grandparents were also very supportive of me and my goals to play softball in college.”

    Reidhead: “The people who have had the greatest impact would be my parents, my high school coach, previous college coach, current coaches and a few of my teammates from both previous teams and my current team. Each one of them have supported me throughout my career.”

Do you have any advice for younger athletes?

    Glover: “Take time to have some fun. School and Softball are obviously very important, but you don’t want to look back on your time in college and regret not having enough fun. Also, appreciate your team. Later in life you may not have this kind of a support system.  You may not always get along, but you know that they will always have your back on the field. Most importantly, believe in yourself.”

    Reidhead: “Don’t let the negative people affect your game. There is always going to be teammates who aren’t happy because of playing time or they don’t like other teammates, but don’t let them get to you.”