Sport management students host 3v3 soccer tournament, other events in April

April 17, 2018

Bryanna Winner

[email protected]

Sport management students will host the 3v3 soccer tournament as part of SPTM 4300: Sport Facility and Event Management class on April 23. Registration ends on April 19.

    Sports management majors, senior Austen Emme, Nicole Aparicio and junior Beckie Munoz, are in charge of coordinating the event.

    “This is the first time we personally have done a project like this, but the class does it every year,” said Aparicio.

    Sport Facility and Event Management is taught by Spencer Harris, who assigns the project as a way for students to get experience with real-life event management. Harris attends every event to observe the class’ operations.

    “I believe that a more realistic and robust insight to a students understanding and ability to do this comes from them actually immersing themselves in the event management process,” said Harris in an email.

   Teams in the class are coordinating six events alongside the 3v3 soccer tournament: The Battle of the Rock Stars, a rock climbing competition on April 28; 2v2 spikeball on April 21; 2v2 corn hole on April 25; a volleyball social on April 26; and a FIFA esports tournament on April 26.

    At the soccer tournament, each team will have a minimum of three players and a maximum of five; three players on the field and two substitutes.

    “We have three teams signed up so far, but at least four others have verbally said that they would sign up,” said Aparicio.

    “We are hoping for at least eight teams, but we want 16. Sign ups are still open,” said Emme. “(The tournament) will be a bracket-style tournament so the amount of games will depend on the amount of teams.”

    Some of the rules include no goalkeepers, goals scored by females will be given two points while goals scored by males will be given one point, and no sliding. If sliding occurs, it will result in a penalty kick and a yellow or red card given to the sliding player.

    Each game will be played for 15 minutes straight with the home team starting with possession. Games during pool play that are tied after regulation play shall end in a tie while games during the playoffs or championship round tied at regulation will proceed to have three penalty kicks per team.

    It is free to participate, and there is a chance to win five tickets to a Colorado Rapids game. These tickets will go to the winners of the tournament and can be redeemed for any game of their choosing.

    “Additionally, there’s a small second place prize that includes shirts and tumblers provided by West Edge student housing,” said Emme.

    Email [email protected] with a team name and the names of all players. For more information, text 405-204-9400.

Editor’s Note: Beckie Munoz, an organizer of this tournament, works at The Scribe as business manager.