Sports medicine facility to open for exercise science, sports medicine students

October 03, 2016

Bradley Umpleby

[email protected]

     A new sports medicine and performance building is set to finish by 2019 to accommodate the expanding sports medicine degree programs, which started this fall.

     The Health Sciences Department now offers a Bachelor of Science in exercise science and a Master of Sciences in Sports Medicine. Since the start this semester, 108 students enrolled in the new bachelor’s program. Only 30 students were projected to choose this as their major, according to Jackie Berning, chair of Health Sciences.

     “This is a great thing. It started in the fall, and our first cohort has enrolled as freshmen. We do also have continuing students, who are sophomore or juniors, that decided to hop over to exercise science,” said Berning.

     The new building, to be located on North Nevada Avenue along the Lane Center, is a $40 million project that will start construction in mid- 2018.

     Orthopedic, primary sports medicine, performance athletic testing and nutrition clinics will be included at the sports medicine and performance building.

     Centura Health will partner with UCCS and operate their clinic out of the future building, said Berning.

     Colorado state sales taxes will aid in paying for the new building, because the new sports medicine and performance center is part of the C4C initiative.

     The building is one of three projects that is part of the City for Champions (C4C) tourism initiative, according to Berning.

     The new Olympic Museum, which will be located in downtown Colorado Springs for tourists, is included in the initiative.

     The C4C initiative also plans to establish a new Air Force Academy Visitors Center, due to difficulties civilians have gaining access to the AFA base.

     The five-year bachelor’s and master’s degree programs were approved by the CU Board of Regents Sept. 2015, said Andrew Subudhi, chair of the Biology Department.

     Before the exercise science degree started, the original name of the program was healthcare science. This degree included three sub-categories: nutrition, health and strength and conditioning.

     “We do still include a graduate program in athletic training as well, but it’s a great thing that we are giving students more options to choose from in exercise science,” said Berning.

     The new degree offers two tracks. The first track covers natural science and applied exercise science. This track is primarily for students looking for jobs as a physical therapist, a medical doctor or a physician assistant.

     The second track consists of two sub-plan choices. Sub-plan A is strength and conditioning, and sub-plan B focuses on athletic training.

     The athletic training subplan gives the option for a continuous three-plus-two program. With this plan, students can graduate in three years with a Bachelor’s in Athletic Training, and receive their qualification in athletic training through the Medical Specialty Aptitude Test with the additional two years.