Spotlight: McCloskey hard to keep up with, looks to find role in coaching

Nov. 9, 2015

Alexander Nedd
[email protected]

Keeping up with Kyle McCloskey is a tough challenge both on and off the race track, and that’s exactly how he likes it. A cross country and track runner, McCloskey is often a busy man juggling school, work and friends.

“I’m always tired,” the senior said with a laugh. “I sleep very minimally.”

But for him, the benefits outweigh the consequences. McCloskey’s passion is running, so much so he stayed an extra year at UCCS while still working toward his bachelor’s degree in communication.

“I took less credits throughout my four years to make it so I could have an extra year in cross country and track,” McCloskey said.

McCloskey began running in his sophomore and junior year of high school. He graduated from Manitou Springs in 2011 with one goal on his mind, competing on a college level.

“My dad wanted me to do sports and I really enjoyed running and was one of the fastest people on my football team,” McCloskey said. “I figured I would give it a shot.”

McCloskey is a middle distant runner and specializes in the 800-meter run. But this year he also has set his sights on the 1500-meter run.

“I really started to click with (that distance),” McCloskey said. “I’m really going to focus on that for this next outdoor season in track.”

McCloskey and the rest of the cross country team participated in the regional meet on Nov. 7 in Canyon, Texas to determine which teams make the national meet on Nov. 21. Results were not available at press time.

“I’m more so a track athlete than cross country, but I’m not going to turn my head away from a challenge,” McCloskey said.

When McCloskey isn’t running, he’s outside enjoying the moments life has to offer behind a camera lens, often with friends.

“I really like going out and taking film and pictures, just recording,” he said. “I’ll videotape them snowboarding or dirt biking.”

McCloskey also works at the Center for Creative Leadership where he started as a landscaper and has since moved his way up into the facilities management team. He helps maintain 66 acres of land.

McCloskey would like to continue his passion for running after school.

“I’m looking into assistant coaching if I can,” he said. “Being around the sport, I’d love to play that and extend that for as long as I can.”

The journey McCloskey has had will not be forgotten when graduation comes in May.

“It’s been intense, I never thought I would make it all over the country just from running,” McCloskey said. “Everything I’ve learned from college, interacting with others around you, I can really say came because of being an athlete.”

He offers this advice to students who might be on the verge of being burnt out with college.

“The only way to do it is to try and have a positive attitude, try not to stress,” McCloskey said. “Don’t let the little things get to you.”

“Stay healthy and take care of yourself,” he added.