Staff Picks: an ideal summer day in the Springs

Annika Schmidt | Editor in Chief 

     An early hike in Cheyenne Canyon, brunch downtown at Bird Tree Cafe, browsing books at Poor Richards or Westside Stories, happy hour at Cerberus Brewing Co., all finished off with a Switchbacks game downtown or a quiet evening at home. 

Ellie Myers | Associate Editor 

     I’d love to go on a walk right before a summer thunderstorm, and then sit in a coffee shop and watch the rain! 

Lexi Petri | Photo Editor 

     My idea of an ideal summer day in Colorado Springs would be going to take pictures with my friends in Downtown Colorado Springs or Old Colorado City. 

Kate Marlett | Copy Editor 

     Going on a walk under the blue sky in the morning, exploring somewhere new around the city and coming back just in time to watch the afternoon rainstorms.  

Abby Aldinger | Reporter 

     Exploring bookstores with my girlfriend or going on walks with my dog. 

Frank Vazzano | Reporter 

     My ideal summer day in the Springs would probably be a hike trip through Palmer Park or Garden of the Gods. It would be a crime to not take advantage of such beautiful open spaces during the summer. 

Mike Foley | Artist 

     A cool rainy day, binge watching a good show, cats laying around me. 

Jade Ellis | Opinion Editor 

     Going for a walk at Red Rocks Open Space, grab a snack at Ola Juice Bar then a coffee at Switchback. Head home for a relaxing afternoon reading or hammocking followed by a night out in downtown Colorado Springs.