Staff Picks: Favorite Halloween candy

Julia Jackson | Managing Editor


Tom Baker | News Editor

Sweet Tarts for sure.

Paul Czarnecki | Sports Editor

I’m going to go with a whole bowl of metal nails, without any milk.

Abby Aldinger | Opinion and LotB Editor

My favorite Halloween candy is Dots. I used to stick them on my teeth as a kid, and I looked like a demented clown every time I smiled.

Lexi Petri | Photo Editor

Snickers all the way. No other candy beats Snickers.

Ellie Myers | Digital Editor

I love KitKats and Snickers. Anything chocolate.

Kate Marlett | Copy Editor

There are many kinds of Halloween candy you can enjoy this season, but candy corn is the quintessential facet to all Halloween candy. It’s sweet, fashionable and is great with marshmallows and melted chocolate for a Halloween s’more.

Nathan Gicho | Reporter

This one is a hot take, but mine is candy corn.

Devon Martinez | Reporter

Reese’s and Snickers.

Raven Sanchez | Reporter

I love candy corn, so that’s probably my favorite, but my uncontroversial favorites are Skittles and Reese’s Cups.

Nick Smith | Reporter

Definitely Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Luke Swift | Reporter

My favorite Halloween candy would have to be Sour Patch Kids. I have a serious addiction to the point where I’ll eat so many that my teeth feel like they’re dissolving. I do not recommend going too far into that little yellow bag, even though they’re super irresistible. Also, putting Snickers and Reese’s peanut butter cups in the fridge is amazing.