Staff Picks: Favorite study snack

Annika Schmidt | Editor-in-Chief

Cheez-Its, hands down, but mixing it up with some fruit and a coffee is a must.

Julia Jackson | Managing Editor

Goldfish! A small bowl of them is the perfect amount to get me through a reading for class. They’re just the right amount of salty and cheesy to satisfy, but not enough to make your fingers gross.

Tom Baker | News Editor

My go-to study snack is dried mangoes and any type of sour candy.

Paul Czarnecki | Sports Editor

A 16-ounce medium-well sirloin steak and 5-6 glasses of blue raspberry Kool Aid.

Abby Aldinger | LotB and Opinion Editor

My favorite study snack is Babybel cheese. Gouda, white cheddar, mozzarella — it doesn’t matter. I will eat an ungodly amount of them, and I will not regret it.

Ellie Myers | Digital Editor

A pita with hummus is one of my favorites because it gives me enough energy to keep going!

Megan Moen | Design Editor

I would say my favorite study snacks are mangoes and blueberries mixed together in a little fruit bowl. It’s pretty delicious!

Lexi Petri | Photo Editor

My favorite study snack would probably be carrots and ranch actually, because it tastes really good and is a healthier alternative which is definitely a plus.

Kate Marlett | Copy Editor

My favorite study snack is kettle corn! I love Angie’s “Boom Chicka Pop” brand. It’s delicious.

Chris Badger | Reporter

Goldfish for sure.

Scotty Dunne | Reporter

Not so much a snack, but I’m a big fan of cherry Coke. That fateful night when I discovered cherry Coke last year, I was more productive than I have ever been. If you drink Coke, you can’t have normal Coke; it’s gotta be cherry. It was probably just the caffeine that made me productive, but it’s more fun to think otherwise.

Nathan Gicho | Reporter

My favorite study snack has to be honey-roasted peanuts.

Devon Martinez | Reporter

Mixed nuts and chocolate chips. Not entirely healthy, but I need something. STRESS = the need for chocolate.

Raven Sanchez | Reporter

I don’t really eat while I am studying, because I can’t focus and am a pretty messy person. However, I seem to always be drinking something out of a commuter cup while I am studying. My favorite drink to have while studying is coffee, but I drink a lot of hot tea while studying in the colder months of the year.

Nick Smith | Reporter

It’s either salt and vinegar chips or salty peanuts.

Luke Swift | Reporter

Trader Joe’s peanut butter filled pretzels and their snack mix, also sour patch kids. I’m also a bit of a gum addict as an added bonus. I always have gum.

Mike Foley | Artist

It depends. If I’m in the mood for savory, then hot Cheetos. If I’m feeling a craving for sweets, then I go with gummy lifesavers.

Lillian Davis | Photographer


Image Caption: Graphic by Lexi Petri.