Staff Picks: Our favorite desk decorations

As many of us work closer and closer to Spring Break, spending time at our desks and workspaces becomes a large part of our day. What better way to make it more bearable than decorate it with some of our favorite things?

Here are some of the desks and workspaces of the Scribe staff and what these decorations mean to us.

Paul Czarnecki | Editor-in-Chief

From left to right: Patty, Simba, Hermoine, Leonard, Klyle, Gordita, Subject #7592, Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Klyle and Klyle.

They are my 10 most favorite animals on the planet. Do not look them directly in the eyes.

Raven Sanchez | Managing Editor

I don’t really have decorations on my desk, but I love my pencil cups with the little Styrofoam balls in them. I feel like they are so quirky and not something you’d expect to see when searching for office supplies. I’m very proud of this find for sure!

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Ellie Myers | Associate Editor

I found these light up dinosaurs in one of the drawers in the Scribe office and I have no idea why we got them, but they’re mind now and I’m not giving them back.

Lexi Petri | Design Editor

My favorite decoration is my pineapple essential oil diffuser. It’s a great decoration and I can use different oils to help me focus or chill out.

Kate Marlett | Copy Editor

Two hundred years ago, the “Hero of Two Worlds” visited America on a tour that lasted from 1824 to 1825. He was Lafayette, the French marquis who fought alongside George Washington and Alexander Hamilton as a Major-General in the American Revolution. I could go on about his life and accomplishments, but I think it’s safe to say that I’m one of Lafayette’s biggest fans.

In honor of the bicentennial of his American tour, I got this limited-edition statue. Now he watches over my desk and helps me with my essays.

Zee O’Donnell | Reporter

This is my favorite decoration because I love how silly the frog is. I don’t even remember when I got it, but it’s lived on my desk for a month now.

Kaylie Foster | Reporter

I’ve got a dual function vanity/ desk space. I also keep all my random clutter on my desk, which probably isn’t healthy. I make up for it by keeping healthful snacks like Skittles and chocolate readily available while I’m working.

My mirror and my calendar are my favorites. I like looking at myself, and I spend like two hours making my calendar at the beginning of the month.