Staff picks: Thanksgiving Day traditions

Scribe Staff

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     With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we asked the Scribe staff about their family traditions for the annual holiday.  

Cambrea Schrank | Co-Editor-in-Chief 

I get up early and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV. My family gets together at my parents’ house and we eat Thanksgiving dinner/lunch. Later that day, we go see a movie at the movie theater. 

Annika Schmidt | Co-Editor-in-Chief 

Besides the obligatory hearty meal, we usually take a long walk as a family, whether it be through along the Massachusetts coastline or into a local town center. 

Brianna Weil | Copy Editor 

Waking up early to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, eating Thanksgiving dinner in the early afternoon with my family and then spending the evening watching the other televised Thanksgiving concerts.  

Taylor Burnfield | Website Manager 

Making Mexican wedding cookies for my family. 

Kristen Brainard | Social Media Manager 

Cooking for my husband and his friends. 

Caitlyn Dieckmann | News Editor 

Putting up the Christmas tree (if it hasn’t already gone up). 

Jade Ellis | Opinion Editor 

Having a big meal with my family.  

Julia Elbert | Culture Editor 

Green Bean Casserole. 

Devon Martinez | Sports Editor  

I wake up, workout, go see family and we eat a bunch of turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing; and then we move to pumpkin pie and coffee. And then I go home and enter a food coma — and I’m not back until at least Saturday.  

Lexi Petri | Photo Editor 

My family and I get together and eat too much food and watch football all day. 

Luci Schwarz | Reporter 

Every year, my mom likes to make Jell-O, raspberries and sour cheese which all go into one dish. It sounds very strange, but it is actually quite good! It’s the highlight of my November. 

Paul Czarnecki | Reporter  

My favorite Thanksgiving traditions are setting up the Christmas tree, hanging the stockings by the fireplace, baking Santa-shaped cookies and decorating the house with lights. 

Kate Marlett | Reporter 

My family and I do a road trip to visit my aunts, uncles and grandma in Arizona. I always have such a fun time and Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without them.