Staff picks: Three words that describe you

Annika Schmidt | Editor in Chief 

     Passionate, positive, poetic. 

Ellie Myers | Associate Editor 

     Creative, curious, enthusiastic! 

Cambrea Schrank | Creative Director 

     Flight Of Fancy; I am constantly on the go, and I do it all while looking like I have my crap together. 

Jade Ellis | Opinion and LOTB Editor 

     Driven, witty and compassionate. 

Lexi Petri | Photo Editor 

     Hardworking, creative and athletic. As a student and employee, I work hard to get my work and jobs done with the best quality. As a photographer, I enjoy capturing pictures and giving others a different perspective, which sparks my creativity. I have always enjoyed playing sports and staying active so I would consider myself athletic. 

Brianna Weil | Copy Editor 

     Ambitious, Determined, Passionate 

Kate Marlett | Copy Editor 

     Friendly, quiet and goofy. I strive to be someone who others can approach and talk to easily. I may not be the most extroverted person, but one can learn a lot through listening. And it’s always good to remember to have fun too! 🙂 

Abby Aldinger | Reporter 

     Awkward, queer and nocturnal 

Jules Elbert | Reporter 

     Flowers, sun, ocean 

Michael Tsogt | Reporter 

     Reformer, Resilient, Reader. These three attributes, I believe, are necessary if I want to understand the times that I am living in and be able to argue for the good through language. I guess what I mean to say is that I want these words to be described of me — my ideal of who I want to be. I hope I edge closer to these attributes every day. 

Frank Vazzano | Reporter 

     Resilient: This word describes me because I believe I am very adaptive to circumstances, sometimes stubbornly resilient as a result. Often, I will find myself in subpar situations and continue to follow through because I feel the need to finish what I start. Sincere: I believe I am sincere because I always try to be as straightforward as possible. It doesn’t always end up that way, but I think that being honest with yourself and your community is important. Innocuous: I think that innocuous describes me in some capacity because I think I am not much a social risk taker. I try to be as inoffensive as possible because I find it makes day-to-day interactions easier. 

Mike Foley | Artist 

     Chaotic, Curious, Laid-back