Student Life offers s’mores after apartment fire

5 November 2019

Caitlyn Dieckmann

[email protected]

Student Life offered s’mores at a program event hosted at The Lodges of Colorado Springs. The event followed a fire that took place in the apartment on Oct. 12.

According to a statement written by a representative of The Lodges after the incident, a non-resident, Tiosha Chitman, set fire to a piece of furniture in a hallway at The Lodges and then attempted to burglarize the apartment. Police arrested the suspect and she is awaiting a hearing on Nov. 26.

The Lodges is currently in the process of restoring the areas affected by the sprinkler system, according to the statement.

Following the incident, an event that had been planned prior to the fire was held at the apartments by Student Life in which s’mores were offered to the student residents of The Lodges.

“We provided an assortment of desserts,” said Stephen Cucchiara, director of student activities and community service in Student Life. “The menu included s’mores but also cookies and candy.”

Cucchiara also said, “The event itself was more focused on fall activities and crafts to include pumpkin carving and painting and other activities.”

According to Cucchiara, Student Life staff does their due diligence in regard to events and making informed decisions around the appropriateness of those events. Student Life has also received event feedback throughout the years in which students have requested more s’mores at events.

“Lodges management appreciated and had no issues with any of the items brought,” said Cucchiara, “Students enjoyed the event and we, nor the Lodges, received complaints surrounding the event.”

A senior and secondary education major Landon Lowery said, “I think, time wise, it was not appropriate, but if they had already purchased the s’mores ingredients before the fire ever occurred, it would be a waste of resources to not utilize that.”

On the contrary, Keenan Kruise, second year marketing major, said, “The last thing on my mind was to eat s’mores after my toenails just got toasted by the flames. The audacity of Student Life. Ridiculous.”

The event was not in response to the fire incident and was instead a fall activity planned beforehand. Cucchiara explained how three to four programs are hosted by Student Life each semester and held at least once a month in each building. September’s program was held at West Edge, followed by October’s at The Lodges, and November’s which will be held at The Lookout.

The Oct. 17 event was planned in August, according to Cucchiara, and was a collaboration with The Lodges management for their pumpkin carving or painting event. It was not in response to the fire.