You See CS: Muse Comics + Games is the best in town

5 November 2019

Suzanne Seyfi

[email protected]

Muse Comics + Games is the best comic store in Colorado Springs. I fell in love with it the first time I walked in—and that was before the move to a bigger and better location in 2017.

Muse, as it is known by its patrons, is designed to feel like a bookstore rather than a comic shop. Most comic book establishments organize their wares according to publisher: Marvel, DC, then whatever there is room left over for, like Dark Horse or First Second.

Except for their vast selection of single issues and their used-book section, Muse prefers to sort comics by genre. It is easier to find content (without talking to a store employee) when it is categorized as “fantasy and sci-fi” or “suspense and thriller and horror,” for example. Finding comics similar to previously enjoyed content feels intuitive rather than like a needle in a haystack. After all, most publishers put out comics in a variety of categories besides the default superhero genre.

If one wishes for recommendations, Muse employees are an excellent resource. They are knowledgeable in multiple genres, as well as up to date on the latest hit storylines. They are also friendly and enthusiastic, eager to share their love of comics with everyone who walks in.

Muse is not simply a haven for comics fans. Their ridiculously broad selection of comics only takes up one-third of the store. Another third is devoted to board games such as Dominion, Munchkin and a shelf I like to call “Cats and Catan,” because it features variations of Settlers of Catan as well as many cat-themed games.

In this section of the store, one can also find Magic the Gathering items, drinking glasses featuring popular superheroes, Dungeons and Dragons books and many other types of merchandise.

The back of Muse is devoted to events. This wide, inviting space hosts weekly Magic the Gathering tournaments, Dungeons and Dragons sessions and free art classes. Muse has held body painting classes with live models.

Anyone may use the space for free, so long as they reserve it beforehand. The Colorado Springs Astronomical Society, the local 501st and Colorado Geocaching have all held meetings and meet-and-greets there.

The event space also displays Muse’s gallery. Many people showcase their artwork at the store, from local comic artists to tattooists to elementary school students. People can show their work for free with the added bonus of selling their art if they wish.

Muse has a special connection to UCCS, too. Last month, Muse donated several graphic novels to the Kraemer Family Library. Earlier this year, Muse Comics and Games owner Amanda Salmons participated in a comics panel discussion at the UCCS Downtown campus.

Keep an eye on Muse’s website throughout November, because there will be sales leading up to Black Friday weekend.

Salmons said, “If you love to read and love hanging out in a bookstore, we invite you to come in and browse! If you love to play games and like hanging out at community events, we invite you to come in for those as well! We want people to feel comfortable and connect with the books and games they love.”

Muse Comics + Games 1338 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80909