Super Student Savings

23 April 2019

Sarah McMillan

[email protected]

    Everyone knows that, in college, the majority of students are on a very tight budget and find it difficult to have any extra money for a night out on the town or a trip to the mall.

     College students are always on the lookout for the newest deals and could use any opportunity that comes their way to save a few pennies. Of course, many local businesses offer student discounts although they can sometimes be hard to spot and are inconvenient.

     An excellent app called UNiDAYS provides students with local, exclusive offers and discounts. The app has instant savings in a variety of categories including clothing, beauty, food, technology and lifestyle/wellness.

     UNiDAYS is easy, fast, free and super convenient for all students. Here are some of their most trending current deals in the Colorado Springs region:

  1. 15% off PINK
  2. 15% off Adidas
  3. $15 off GrubHub
  4. 20% off Bed Bath and Beyond
  5. 20% off Samsung
  6. 25% off
  7. 33% off Amazon’s Audible