Swifty’s Eats: Enough with the pumpkin propaganda 

It’s that time of year again and the world is un with pumpkins, from their physical form to being blended into a pie, molded into a bagel or even liquefied for suspect individuals’ drinks at Starbucks. Pumpkins are amazing little pearls of the natural world and although I applaud the clever marketing to trick unsuspecting consumers into buying this orange fall delight in all its forms, I can’t support the pumpkin propaganda.  

Before I go any further, this article isn’t meant to be a hack job on pumpkin, but that some products take the gourd too far. Therefore, here are some varying responses from the Scribe about the pumpkin and the feverish attitude people have towards it during this time of year.  

Ella Barry, Reporter 

There is a perfect amount of pumpkin foods this time of year, not too much that we need to freak out about it, but not too little that people can’t try things.  

Paul Czarnecki, Editor in Chief 

I will say, there are definitely too many pumpkin-flavored products so far. However, a pumpkin spice latte is way too elite this time of year to be enraged by the pump-ocolypse.  

Kate Marlett, Copy Editor 

I don’t think there is enough pumpkin. You can carve them, bake them, toast them and use them as indoor and outdoor decorations. They go great with spice in drinks, pies, pastries and candies. You can get them in all shapes and sizes, from small enough to decorate a desk to large enough for your dog to sleep in. There are plenty to choose from, and every year I get very excited to see how people have rethought the pumpkin.  

Olivia Nordyke, Reporter 

I don’t even think most of the fall menu type items are pumpkin flavored, I think they’re pumpkin pie spice flavored (cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, clove) and then they make it orange colored. If it doesn’t have a gourd in it, it’s not pumpkin flavored!  

Lexi Petri, Photo Editor  

I agree there is too much pumpkin everything this time of year. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are too much for me and literally everyone is talking about their fall drinks. I like fall décor, but that also gets to be too much  

Raven Sanchez, Managing Editor 

I do not like pumpkin spice and think it’s overrated. Chai is already so great, and nothing beats just having cinnamon flavor on its own. I know everyone always says chai and pumpkin spice are almost the same, but I just don’t see it! 

Nick Smith, News Editor 

Pumpkin products have become the same as Christmas music during the holidays. It’s great for about a week, then we just need to stop.  

Kira Thorne, Photographer  

As much as I love fall, pumpkin spice is overrated and mid, and you can quote me on that.  

Pumpkins are not the end-all-be-all of fall related foods. While they are great, I can’t help but feel cornered when I walk into a store like Trader Joe’s where the entire establishment is wall to wall gourd. Pumpkin spreads, bread and bagels to pumpkin bisque and stuffed ravioli, God forbid no dogs get an upset stomach because Trader Joe’s needs it to make a pumpkin tiramisu.  

Let’s enjoy some of the other bounties that come from this time of year and give the pumpkins a well-deserved break. Here are a few fall food alternatives to the pumpkin! 

  1. Apple Pie  
  1. Cinnamon rolls with coffee icing (These are by far the best cinnamon rolls. I half the cinnamon rolls and ice them with cream cheese frosting for those indifferent to coffee. ) 
  1. Trader Joe’s Maple Walnut Biscotti if I see you dunk these in a pumpkin spice latte, I’ll personally will not be speaking to you. 

Graphic by Neako Hallisey.