TAAPing Into Different Perspectives: UCCS bookstore employee discusses transition to TAAP 

Following the transition to TAAP, the UCCS bookstore has changed the way it functions. 

Bookstore student employee Ricardo Toves discussed the transition to the new system and what the bookstore looks like now, noting the bookstore no longer sells textbooks anymore. 

The bookstore now houses the TAAP pickup desk, where students can pick up their TAAP orders. Toves explained part of the bookstore’s job now is about making sure students get their books in a smooth and concise way. 

“The transition period, it was really interesting,” Toves said. “We had to shift all of our knowledge of getting books and selling books to just getting those books to people.”  

TAAP has allowed the bookstore to shift its focus to other endeavors. “It was a good change of pace for the bookstore because, not only did we expand our merchandise overall,” Toves said, “but it also saves us the headache of trying to find these books ourselves.” 

Toves’ favorite part about the new program is the lack of stress that comes from not selling books anymore. “It was convenient for me because I don’t really have to look for those books myself. They’re all hand curated for me,” he said. 

Another service the bookstore no longer provides is buying back textbooks at the end of the semester. Students now have to sell their textbooks on the TAAP website once they are done with them. 

Toves wants to emphasize to his fellow students that they have the ability to opt out of TAAP. 

“We want students to be able to see what’s financially beneficial for them,” Toves said. “They’re not obligated to stay in, and I think that’s what’s not really communicated enough.” 

While working for the bookstore, Toves has experienced the kinks of TAAP firsthand. Initially, the bookstore had trouble figuring out if certain materials like goggles and gloves were covered by TAAP. He said they decided that “consumable” items, like disposable gloves, were not covered by TAAP. 

Toves believes that communication is the key to improving TAAP for both the students and the bookstore in future semesters. 

“It’s the communication between the bookstore and Akademos, which is our textbook partner, and just seeing what is covered and what isn’t covered, and also between the bookstore and customers,” Toves said. “There’s a lot of students who actually still come in and they’re like ‘I don’t know what TAAP is, but I know I have stuff to pick up.’” 

Toves urges students to go to the bookstore for questions and concerns about TAAP. 

“Since it’s a brand-new system, and not a lot of people know it yet, it’s always good to come to us for questions because we’re still trying to figure it out on our end,” Toves said. “Troubleshooting it together is always beneficial.” 

Students can contact the bookstore by emailing [email protected] or calling 719-255-3247. 

This article and the ones that follow are part of a series on the different perspectives of TAAP. 

The TAAP desk, located in the Bookstore, is a new addition to UCCS this semester. Photo by Meghan Germain.