UCCS announces new Single Stop program  

On Sept. 11, UCCS announced a new program called Single Stop to assist students in finding community resources to cover their basic needs.  

UCCS’ basic needs coordinator Amber Gilson said the goal of this new program is to provide students with the resources they need so they can focus on their academics. Gilson said this program is more proactive than other reactive programs at UCCS that help in crisis situations. The program is also available to other campus members.  

Gilson explained that the program can suggest resources in many different areas to help students meet their basic needs.  

“This could include housing and food, which are the two general ones that everybody thinks of, but it could also include childcare if the student is a parent. It could include transportation to campus. It could include technology and even Wi-Fi,” Gilson said. 

The program also offers resources for health, tax preparation and education. 

The Single Stop software lets users take a 10-15 minute eligibility test, which will connect them to a list of resources that they may qualify for. Users can edit their responses to the eligibility test at any time by logging into their account if their circumstances have changed. 

The other main feature of the Single Stop software is its interactive resource map, which shows a list of local resources. The map lets you sort resources by category to focus on specific needs and will have a description of the services provided by each resource.  

The map will connect the user to resources in their zip code. “There’s a ton of resources in Colorado Springs,” Gilson said, “but because there’s so many, they’re very specific about what zip codes they serve.” 

Single Stop also provides users with a downloadable guide called Toolkit that will guide them through the application process.  

“Some people are very private about seeking help and seeking assistance, so that toolkit really allows for some self-sufficiency,” Gilson said. She noted she also reaches out to each student who completes the assessment to offer support in completing applications. 

Students can make a Single Stop account and see what resources they are eligible for by visiting the UCCS Single Stop website.  

Photo from uccs.edu.