Tame Impala through the eyes of The Scribe editors

January 28, 2020

Scribe Editors

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Tame Impala is the way, the truth and the life. If I had to explain what my religion is, I would say it is Tame Impalism. When I saw them live, I was completely sober, but felt like I was tripping. Their consciousness-expanding psychedelic funk-rock sound hypnotizes you into a deep trance, and everything falls away, except for the music and the lights.  

You become one with the ‘current’ and begin to feel what it is like to truly exist in the ‘now.’ A part of me feels like my true calling in life is to become Tame Impala’s groupie, drop out of college and go to all of their shows. They are a modern-day classic when it comes to musical genius, and I know that in 20 years, they will be remembered and commemorated the same as Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and even The Beatles. 

Every single Tame Impala song has an emotional tie to my memories. I’ve gone through some of the best and the worst times, while listening to Tame Impala. Their music is as much me as I am me.  


Every time I hear those wonderous chords my body is immediately filled with the energy of one million suns multiplied by the ferocity of a pack of wild lions. If Tame Impala admitted to being cult leaders that kill children, I would still listen to them religiously. Each song released impregnates my body with the power to run a marathon and make incredibly toxic impulse decisions. 

My heartbeat matches “Eventually” by Tame Impala. My blood is “Yes I’m Changing” by Tame Impala. My body is “It Might be Time” by Tame Impala. My love and life are Tame Impala. 

In Tame Impala I pray, amen. 


My wonderful sister introduced me to Tame Impala while I was studying abroad, completely alone and without friends, and ready to reinvent my music taste. Tame Impala literally rebooted my musical interests. 

Even though their music can be so depressing and send you into wild moods, it’s so good and deep that you’ll question your reality and how good other music is. 

You know when you add songs to your playlists and play them on loop constantly? Then you get tired of those songs? Tame Impala is my exception to that rule. Honestly, who can get tired of them? They fit every single situation. 

Nothing will ever meet the psychedelic masterpiece that is the one and only “Currents.” We worship thy metal ball. 


I saw Tame Impala in Delaware at a music festival the same day I suffered from a hernia. I will never forget the pain I was enduring while Kevin Parker serenaded me and my wounds. But somehow, thanks to Kevin’s grace, the pleasure of Tame Impala overpowered the pain I felt that day. This is starting to sound like a Tame Impala song.  


Tame Impala is the psychedelic band of our generation. Is its Tame Impala who revived the genre and paved the way for future neo-psychedelic rock groups such as Oh Sees, The Voidz, and Ty Segall. I’d even argue they helped influence hip hop’s modern production style as well. “Emo rap” and alternative R&B in particular. 

Even though I love their more rock-oriented outings, Innerspeaker and Lonerism, I have to say that Currents will always have a place in my heart. The production is so lush that it just envelops you and wraps you up like a warm blanket. I’ve also never heard anyone sounds so sexy while sounding so melancholy. (At least before I heard the Weeknd.) 

I first heard Currents while getting through a breakup, so in a way, in that moment, I felt one with Kevin Parker. I’ll never forget that feeling, and Tame Impala will never be forgotten. 


I remember when Innerspeaker was released during my sophomore year of high school. I had never heard anything like it before. I discovered the album through tumblr. The album for me was a psychedelic escape from a boring life in a small Texas town. I will always consider Innerspeaker to be one of the greatest albums of the 2010s and an album that changed my perspective on music.