TCID degree offers opportunity and job security in fast-growing field

Jade Ellis 

[email protected] 

     Technical communication and information design is one of the newest degrees offered at UCCS. The degree focuses on the connection between writing, communication, information, technology and user experience.  

     TCID is a fast-growing field and UCCS is among a handful of other schools in the nation with a bachelor’s of TCID. UCCS is also the only university in Colorado to offer the degree. 

     Sean Williams, professor and program chair of TCID, spoke to the success and growth he has seen in the program as well as his hopes for continued growth. “We started in the fall of 2020 with zero students in the major because it was new. But now, we have about thirty,” he said. 

     The degree was added to fill an industry and market need as well as cater to students who enjoy STEM but prefer writing over math or science. “[It’s] for students who are interested in technology, science and math but have taken calculus and it was a little too hard,” Williams said. 

     While the degree focuses heavily on technology, it also emphasizes communication and writing instead of heavy math or science requirements. Williams said, “We are STEM adjacent because everything we do is connected to technology.” 

     Williams described the work of TCID as, “a people focused discipline that always thinks about who is going to be using a product or piece of information. So, this takes a lot of different forms.” 

     There are a variety of fields students can work in with TCID experience. “The easiest answer is technical writing jobs. There are a bunch of them. We have also placed several students in UX [user experience] research or design positions. Those are the two big ones. But there are a host of things of what those [positions] may be called.” 

     According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the next decade, there will be 11,000 new jobs in technical communication.  

     “Get online on a career website, and type in technical communication. You are going to see thousands of jobs. Go type in user experience and you are going to [see] thousands of jobs. There is extraordinary opportunity,” Williams said. 

     There are several ways to become involved within TCID without declaring it as a major. The department offers two minors, certificates and badges that can be earned by taking select courses.  

     For students interested in TCID, Williams said, “First, think about who you are and what you want to do. Then second, look at the jobs and look at the opportunities because there is some really cool stuff. Then third, talk to me and look at our website and curriculum. 

     “It is a great opportunity for students. There are lots of jobs and those jobs pay very well. It is only going to keep getting better. If a student is at all interested, please investigate especially if that student is coming to college to get a job. You will get a job.” 

     For more information about the TCID degree, visit their website or speak to one of their faculty members.