The future of COS: outdoor venue ‘The Sunset’ to open next year

     An outdoor music venue will soon be added to the growing list of answers for prospective students asking: “Why UCCS?” 

     Aptly named “The Sunset,” the venue will give concertgoers in Colorado Springs a first-rate view of the sun setting over Pikes Peak, in addition to viewership of large touring acts. The developer also has plans for venues in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and Texas — locations referred to as “entertainment deserts.” 

     According to Notes Live, the 8,000-seat amphitheater will “offer an unparalleled view of the sun setting over Pikes Peak, America’s mountain, right behind the stage as each concert begins, flanked by the United States Air Force Academy stadium on the left and the iconic Air Force chapel on the right, as well as amenities like 60 VIP luxury fire pit suites, 4-5 star restaurants including a signature seafood and chophouse with a top-shelf rooftop bar with carrying over 150 of the rarest bourbons in the world.” 

     KKTV reports that JW Roth, founder and chairman at Notes Live, says the new venue is not meant to rival Red Rocks, a popular outdoor venue among college-aged students. 

     “People asked me ‘did you build this to compete with Red Rocks?’ and the answer is absolutely not. I built a city complementary to the music and the arts culture of Colorado Springs,” Roth said. 

     “I mean we’ve got a vibrant city here, one of the cities in the world so I’m not building to compete with anybody I’m building this to be complementary to the arts and music culture of our city.” 

     For comparison, Red Rocks’ capacity is 9,525. 

     KKTV reports that OneRepublic is at the top of Roth’s bucket list when it comes to opening performers. Roth says having a Colorado band open this world-class venue would be a dream. 

     The announcement of a new music venue in Colorado Springs comes a year after the grand opening of Weidner Field, the new stadium located downtown. 

     Notes Live announced that the $40 million project will be completed and ready to open in 2023 near North Gate Boulevard and Interstate 25. The venue will be on the same campus as Springs’ own mid-sized music venue and event space, Boot Barn Hall.  

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