The perfect solution to your exhaustion: give up

April 11, 2017

Eleanor Sturt

[email protected]

     Overdoing it is a college student’s specialty.

     When you have a full-time course load, job and social life, learning time management might be too much to handle.

     It seems the best we can do is chug energy drinks and coffee hoping we can catch up on everything we prioritize.

     But there is a genius solution to the struggle: give up.

     As a full-time student who works three jobs, I have finally made the decision to give up, and I’m much happier.

     Rather than working myself into pure exhaustion, I am quitting and bailing out on all prior contracts and agreements.

     It was difficult at first, but I began by just skipping a couple classes and coming into work late. But after quitting everything, I’ve made much more progress. I gave up my school work, my jobs and broke off all friendships.

     I skip those measly classes, ignore all work meetings and even bail out on drinks with friends.

     Now I finally have time to sleep and eat, and I even have time to shower more than twice a week.

     I know this is creating more work for others, because someone has to pick up the slack. But they can’t be as exhausted as me.

     After all, they can always give up too if they become overwhelmed.

     So if you are feeling constantly tired, or perhaps you feel a freer lifestyle might be in order, consider quitting everything.

     Worst comes to worst, text your parents for cash, and tell them you have found a new, healthier way of living. I’m sure they would be glad to oblige to your request.