The Scribble: Watch Netflix to help you study, pass your class

February 07, 2017

Eleanor Sturt

[email protected]

Disclaimer: The contents of the Scribble are completely fabricated, peppered with inconsistencies and laced with lies. Any resemblance to the truth found herein is a matter of sheer luck. The Scribble should be approached with a healthy dose of skepti cism, and its claims should be taken – if they are taken at all – with many grains of salt.

     As a student, it’s important to know the best tips and tricks for easy A’s in those pesky prerequisite classes.

     With the streaming options available on Netflix you now have the ability to combine any students’ two favorite past times: studying and procrastinating.

     Each show comes with a lesson, and no subject is left behind in this educational empire.

     Frustrating lab reports and calculus study guides that make no sense? Look no further than “The Big Bang Theory.”

     You can learn about theoretical physics, aeronautical engineering and astrophysics. This sitcom also offers advice on how to live in a small apartment with quirky roommates.

     Watching this group of friends hang out will also count as your social time, so you can scratch that off your checklist and cancel those Saturday plans you wanted to avoid in the first place.

     History class can be a bore, but not if you use the anglophile fad, “The Crown,” to study.

     As you watch the queen struggle through a post-World War II English empire, consider yourself lucky that your essay only requires three pages instead of five.

     Or you can return to the historically accurate TV phenomena, “Game of Thrones” to ace your history exam.

     Even English class cannot escape the aid of TV studying. Want to expand your vocabulary? Look no further than the recent Netflix original “A Series of Unfortunate Events.”

     In each episode, characters take time to define those pesky words like “rickety” and “perished.” Your professors will be impressed by the fancy word-choice in your next essay.

     It is time to return your textbooks and renew your Netflix subscription. Your friends and family will be delighted to hear you are saving money, passing your classes and staying up-to-date on all the best educational shows and movies.

     Here’s to hoping that watching “The Big Short” will help you pass your accounting test tomorrow.