Top 5 podcasts to listen to during quarantine

April 14, 2020

A statewide lockdown for Colorado has been in effect since March 26, and since then, many people have found themselves unemployed, unmotivated and especially bored with their day.

     Luckily society has been blessed with technology, so entertainment is a bit more tangible. But instead of investing in a monthly streaming subscription, or if you simply want a break from it, an easy and growing form of entertainment is right at your fingertips: podcasts.

     Below are my top five recommendations for podcasts to listen to during quarantine.

     Going from fifth to first, my fifth podcast recommendation is “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

     Comedian and television host Joe Rogan, otherwise known as the “Fear Factor” guy, hosts a weekly podcast in which he has an honest conversation with a guest of his choice. Rogan brings on a variety of guests, including politicians like Bernie Sanders and Ben Shapiro, actors such as Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr., fellow comedians like David Spade and even famous musicians like David Lee Roth.

     With over 1,000 episodes that last anywhere from an hour to four hours in length, “The Joe Rogan Experience” is the perfect podcast to listen to in the background. All episodes can be found for free on his website.

     Fourth, “Those Conspiracy Guys” is a podcast hosted by a group of Irish men that focuses on well-known conspiracy theories sprinkled with occasional true crime stories. Every week, this group discusses different events and conspiracies related to the event. For example, they have discussed the Columbine shooting, the KKK, New Heaven’s Gate and many weirder, yet intriguing, topics. Every two weeks, they also release a true crime podcast, discussing various unsolved mysteries.

     Note, this podcast is particularly controversial given the nature of the topics and the views discussed by these individuals are rather one-sided. Regardless, each episode is about two hours in length, and all episodes can be found on Spotify or the podcast website Stitcher. This is a particularly good podcast for people seeking a good spooking in their daily schedule.

     Third, “Tigerbelly” is hosted by comedian Bobby Lee and his girlfriend, Khalyla Kuhn. Each week, they bring on different comedians and famous individuals from the comedy, music and movie scenes. Some notable guests include Rob Schneider, Amy Cummings and Dave Navarro.

     The podcast is lighthearted and fun, a contrast to the two previous recommendations. Every episode is about an hour and a half long, and the discussions are usually random. This podcast is perfect for a couple laughs through such long and depressing times. Every episode can be found on any podcast platform.

     Second, “Throughline” by NPR is a historical podcast and focuses on different historical events that are relevant to the present. Every week, the two hosts focus on different topics throughout history ranging from the 1918 Spanish Flu, the siege of Mecca and the opioid crisis.

     Each podcast has a plethora of reviews, sound effects, voices and, overall, gives a very immersive and satisfying experience, perfect for listening during breaks. All episodes can be found on NPR’s website.

     In first place on this list is “The Endless Honeymoon Podcast.” The hosts of this series are comedian couple Moshe Kasher and Natasha Leggero.

     Each episode is split into two parts. The first half consists of a listener calling into the show and asking for advice relating to life, including topics such as dating, marriage, work and school. Some are rather serious, but most others are completely strange and entertaining.

     In the second half of the show, listeners once again call in, but instead of asking for advice, they reveal a deep dark secret about themselves. It can be quite entertaining to see what people reveal about themselves, their partners or their family members. Although nothing expressed is illegal, some of the secrets push close to the edge of strangeness, creating the most entertaining segment for new and returning listeners.

     Each episode can be found on the “Endless Honeymoon” website and runs close to an hour and a half in length.

     In trying times, it can be easy to fall into a state of sadness and negativity, but it is important to understand that these hardships won’t last forever. Podcasts can be a simple yet effective way to keep emotional and mental health high during such a time and, hopefully, this list will help you do just that.