UCCS adding gender-neutral bathrooms to Kraemer Family Library  

UCCS will add two gender-neutral bathrooms, each with one stall, to the third floor of the Kraemer Family Library this summer.  

According to the library dean, Seth Porter, construction on the bathrooms will be completed by the end of summer. They will be available and accessible to everyone, regardless of their gender identity. 

Porter said that plans for these bathrooms have been in the works for over a year, but the project faced setbacks due to funding issues.  

“It’s very much a goal of Kraemer Family Library to have more inclusive spaces, and gender-neutral bathrooms [were] the number one priority,” Porter said. 

Porter emphasized the importance of having these inclusive spaces in the library. “We need to have spaces that are inclusive, that support all of our student body, and the library as a space needs to make sure that we’re aligned with those principles,” he said. 

The library already provides the UCCS community access to a couple of inclusive spaces. There is a reflection space in Room 315 run by the MOSAIC and LGBTQ+ Resource Center, as well as a parent and child room in EPC 302.  

There are also several inclusive spaces available across campus, including gender-neutral bathrooms, lactation spaces and reflection spaces. Their locations can be found here

Those interested can find updates about the construction of these bathrooms on the library’s website as they are published. 

Bathroom located on the third floor of the KFL. Photo by Meghan Germain.