UCCS holds 23rd annual Economic Forum

1 October 2019

Frank Carber

[email protected]

UCCS students and members of the Colorado Springs community can gain access to the Economic Forum on Oct. 10 by purchasing an $80 ticket. The 23rd UCCS Economic Forum will provide students and members of the community with forecasts and information on local and national economic trends.

Economic issues relevant to students transitioning into the work force will be addressed while providing information on economic trends and projections of industries that are on the rise or decline.

According to Eric Olson, interim dean of the College of Business, gaining knowledge in these trends can only serve to help students make better choices in their careers: “This directly impacts opportunities for our students and graduates both in terms of jobs and new business start-ups.”

The Forum is planned and housed within the College of Business. A series of talks and presentations will be given by economic researchers and leaders within the University of Colorado system, including an opening address from Olson.

The event will have two keynote speakers, a Q&A with economist and sitting mayor of Colorado Springs, John Suthers, and an address from the new CU President Mark Kennedy.

“We are all anxious to hear about the course he is setting out for CU,” Olson said.

The first keynote speaker, Alison Felix, is the vice president and executive of the Kansas City Federal Reserve’s Denver branch. Felix researches public finance and labor issues and will discuss the national and local Colorado economic outlook.

Tatiana Bailey, director of the UCCS Economic Forum, will deliver a keynote addressing economic conditions and the outlook for the Pikes Peak region. Bailey’s research is focused on health care in the United States and entrepreneurship.

According to Olson, the Forum serves to provide critical economic insight to the stakeholders of the local business community and to the political and civic leaders.

The event will conclude with an opportunity to network with members of the local business community.